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Group Team Building at Wild Dunes Resort

Planning a group meeting or event at Wild Dunes Resort? Be sure to make time for some exciting team building activities during your stay. No matter what type of group you are, we have something for you.

The Adventurer

Charleston is the perfect city for an adventure. The Resort is located right on the Atlantic Ocean and runs along the Intracoastal Waterway – so there is plenty of water to play in. The Resort is located on 1,600 acres of land on the Isle of Palms, so break out of the boardroom and have an adventure!

  • Osprey Boat Charter
    • Hop aboard the boat and enjoy the Osprey Experience with your colleagues. Cruise along the Lowcountry coast and take in the beautiful scenery all around you. Feeling even more adventurous? Skeet shooting off the back of the boat is also available along with a food and beverage add on.
    • Length: 3 Hours | Recommended: 8-49 Participants
  • Beach Olympics
    • Take home the gold and office bragging rights after winning the Wild Dunes Beach Olympics. You and your teammates will compete in a series of wild events and challenges including boot camp obstacles, team sports, and creative challenges with everything from tug of war to sand castle building. You will get wet, you will get sandy, and you will definitely have fun!
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 24-100 Participants
  • Escape Room
    • Locked in a room together, teammates must work together to escape! Can you handle the pressure? Everyone on the team must use their individual skills and put their heads together to decipher clues and complete wild challenges hidden in the room.
    • Length: 1.5 Hours | Recommended: 20-50 Participants
  • Ice Breakers
    • Get your group up and moving with a variety of quick games and fun activities! Our recreation team can help craft the perfect meeting breaks to help keep your employees’ minds fresh and alert throughout a long day of meetings and events. Some examples include Minefield, Human Knot, Egg Drops, Who Am I?, Lost in Translation, Blind Drawing, Heads Up, Trivia Showdown, and more. Schedule one or multiple activities during your time at the Resort.
    • Length: 15-30 Minutes | Recommended: 8-36 Participants
  • Caper’s Island Crabbing Competition
    • Cruise to Caper’s Island, unload on the beach, and catch blue crabs using the age old technology of hand lines and dip nets. Afterward, the crew will clean the catch and prepare a seasonal campfire boil. This trip lends a friendly, competitive air when teams are formed for an old fashioned crab-off.
    • Length: 3 Hours | Recommended: 6-50 Participants
  • Minute to Win It Madness
    • If you are looking for an event that will test your team’s mental and physical dexterity, we invite you to try our special spin on a classic game show experience. Our Minute to Win It Madness is the perfect activity for teams looking to participate against one another in a friendly, yet fast paced competition. Teams will compete in a variety of timed challenges designed to promote problem solving skills, teamwork, and group communication.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 24-48 Participants
  • Kayak & Paddleboard Tours
    • Treat your body and mind to a Lowcountry escape along the coast. Guided Kayak and Paddleboard Tours will take you to the most breathtaking spots along Isle of Palms. No experience needed. Participants also have the option of adding on a kayak sweep to the experience in an effort to keep our waterways safe and clean.
    • Length: 2-3 Hours | Recommended: 2-20 Participants
  • Inshore Fishing Trip
    • While in the marshes of the Lowcountry, you will be searching the waters for highly sought after Red Fish, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and King Mackerel. Bait, license, and all tackle will be provided. Fishing can be enjoyed year round and trip times are contingent on the tides.
    • Length: 4 Hours | Recommended: 2-6 Participants
  • Combat Archery
    • Think dodgeball but with bows and foam-tipped arrows. This activity can be a full on adrenaline rush or gratification from learning a new skill. Facilitators first teach participants how to shoot effectively and safely at our targets. Target practice can be the whole activity and individuals can participate in any type of clothing since it’s a stationary experience.
    • Length: 2-5 Hours | Recommended: 10-40 Participants
  • Laser Skeet Shooting
    • This activity has both indoor and outdoor options. With the outdoor option, reusable plastic pigeons are launched from an electric trap. Five participants at a time shoot their retrofitted double-barreled over-under infrared laser shotguns at the same pigeon. The electronic scoreboard tracks their accuracy real-time. The indoor setup uses LED smart targets set up booth style and flash in a random pattern to simulate old school duck hunting or a video game. Laser skeet is a great compliment to check-in/registration, happy hours, and receptions.
    • Length: 1-5 Hours | Recommended: 6-500 Participants
  • Adventure Scavenger Hunts
    • Combine a traditional scavenger hunt with geocaching and mix in a little Pokemon Go and you have an experience like no other. These adventure quests have participants co-creating the story of their event with photos and videos of challenges along with riddles and location specific trivia. Custom trivia pertaining to the group can also be added and gamified allowing for an event that is truly memorable.
    • Length: 1-4 Hours | Recommended: 6-270 Participants
  • Game Rentals
    • Bring your team together for some friendly competeition outside of the meeting room or during cocktail hour. Whether your group is searching for exercise, relaxation, or a unique way to break, these daily rentals are a great way to come together and rejuvenate from a long day of work: bocce ball, spike ball, croquet, ladderball, cornhole, horseshoes, frisbee golf, bubble soccer, ping pong, pool volleyball, and beach volleyball available.


The Artist

Charleston’s artistic scene is filled with history and culture. Whether you want to observe what the Lowcountry has to offer or get your hands dirty and create something original that you can take home with you, get ready to get artsy at Charleston’s Island Resort.

  • Playing with Fire
    • Charleston’s homes, churches, gardens, and gates are adorned with elaborate and iconic ironwork dating back to the city’s origination. During the class, led by a local Charleston blacksmith, learn this celebrated art form of the Lowcountry and work together to create commemorative pieces to take home.
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 2-20 Participants
  • Sweetgrass Basket Weaving
    • Learn the traditional Charleston art of sweetgrass weaving from a local basket maker. This centuries-old craft is one of the nation’s oldest and most beautiful handicrafts of African origin. Participants will leave with a one-of-a-kind woven basket.
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 2-6 Participants
  • Indigo Dyeing Workshop
    • Tobacco, rice, cotton, and indigo were one huge exports in the South. Participants will learn how indigo dye is made and practice Shibori techniques to create a set of napkins or a scarf. Participants will leave with a hand-made indigo piece.
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 2-20 Participants
  • Behind the Scenes of the Gibbes Museum of Art
    • Go behind the scenes of the Gibbes Museum of Art, the Lowcountry’s home to the foremost collection of American art that incorporates the story of Charleston. The Museum connects the city and region’s artistic past to a vibrant, contemporary art scene. Add on coffee and lunch at The Daily, happy hour, a black light tour, and an adult coloring experience to make the most of your trip to the Museum.
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 10-25 Participants


The Foodie

Charleston is one of the top foodie cities in the world, so during your next group event at Wild Dunes, be sure to take advantage. Dine out at our variety of on-site restaurants, head downtown for delicious Lowcountry cuisine, and participate in some one of a kind foodie experiences designed just for you and your group.

  • Salty Goat Cocktail Class
    • Need a drink after a long day of meetings? How about learning to make one? Learn the art of the classic cocktail and then team up for a cocktail competition. All hosted by our leading mixologists at the Salty Goat Bar.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 1-250 Participants
  • Charleston Protocol Southern Experience
    • Charleston Protocol is where authentic hospitality and entertaining comes to life. Take your pick of a welcome reception, tea time, or brunch lead by Lowcountry ladies who will make you feel right at home. The welcome reception will greet groups with an assortment of traditional treats and libations. Tea time will give groups a glimpse into the pomp and circumstance of a high tea. Brunch will indulge groups in a true Southern tradition of mixing breakfast and lunch with champagne and socializing.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 10-250 Participants
  • Chocolate Academy
    • Embark on a delicious journey and enjoy hours of chocolate. Discover where cocoa comes from, how it’s cultivated, factors which affect the flavor, and much more! You will taste chocolate from all around the globe and will leave with an in-depth understanding of the chocolate world. Indulge your taste buds with over 25 different chocolates to choose from.
    • Length: 1-2 Hours | Recommended: 12-250 Participants


The Golfer

Charleston has the best year round warm weather. Take a break from the boardroom and hit the golf course while you’re at Wild Dunes. The Links Course has beautiful rolling fairways and a finishing hole overlooking the Atlantic. The Harbor Course runs along the Intracoastal Waterway and challenges all levels.

  • Putting Contest
    • This putting activity is a perfect way to bring golfers and non-golfers together on fair playing turf! Players will engage in a series of short putting holes with added challenges. Six to nine holes of varying lengths based on group size and time frame.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 6-30 Participants
  • Golf Clinic
    • The professional instructors at Wild Dunes Resort can take your golf game to the next level. Private instruction and group lessons are offered at your team’s convenience.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 1-30 Participants
  • Glow Golf
    • Play in a whole new light with an exciting Glow Golf experience with your group. We can turn one of our favorite golf holes into a miniature golf course that glows in the dark. This activity is perfect for attendees who want to stretch their legs and have some fun after a long day of meetings. Enjoy some drinks and some glow in the dark putt putt.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 20-40 Participants


The Altruist

Immerse your group in the Charleston community by working with one of our favorite local non-profits. Your team will bond over fun and simultaneously altruistic activities. Leave your mark on this beautiful Southern city.

  • SC Aquarium Beach Sweep
    • Hit the beach for a good cause during your business trip to Wild Dunes Resort. The South Carolina Aquarium is leading the way to connect people with water, wildlife, and wild places, and one way they’re doing that is through beach sweeps. Your group can also grab a bag and walk along picking up trash while learning about the Aquarium’s many efforts to go strawless, save sea turtles, and keep our oceans clean. They will begin with an educational presentation and end with logging the amount of debris your group has gathered to see the full impact of your efforts. Each participant will also receive a logo water bottle.
    • Length: 1.5 Hours | Recommended: 10-150 Participants
  • Oyster Reef Build
    • Participants will assist in restoring and rebuilding an oyster reef and learn all about the eco system and the results of their efforts. Plant recycled oyster shells in the intertidal environment to form new, self-sustaining oyster reefs. This habitat restoration project is an important endeavor because oysters play a significant ecologic and economic role in South Carolina. Great fun and great cause – ready to sign up?
    • Length: 2-3 Hours | Recommended: 4-40 Participants
  • Mentoring Day
    • The Carolina Youth Development Center serves more than 900 children each year through residential and community based programs. Spend an afternoon empowering our community’s most vulnerable children by providing a safe, educational environment to enjoy such activities as hosting a lunch, playing cornhole, beach volleyball, planning a scavenger hunt, and more.
    • Length: 2.5 Hours | Recommended: 15-50 Participants
  • One80 Place
    • Join One80 Place’s mission to prevent homelessness one person at a time by assembling Move-In Kits. These kits are designed to assist individuals and families moving from either the street or a shelter and into a new home. With your help, we can provide much needed aid to some of the 2,000 people who will experience homelessness in the Charleston area each year.
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 15-200 Participants


The Health Enthusiast

Charleston is a city whose locals are very mindful of their health and wellness. Be mindful of yours as well during your next group event at Charleston’s Island Resort. Get out of the boardroom and get active. Step away from your meeting and be mindful. Gather with your group and get fit.

  • Relaxation Station
    • Need a break? Participants may choose 2 of the 5 stations below. Each treatment is approximately 10 minutes long. A sign-up sheet will be provided due to the limited time slots and availability of each service. 1. Chair Massage 2. Foot Reflexology 3. Oxygen Bar 4. Paraffin Hand Dip 5. Eye & Lip Treatment
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 10-30 Participants
  • Guided Meditation
    • Your team’s mental health is just as important as their physical health, so set aside some time for those interested to participate in meditation and mindfulness. Why? To reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and to increase peace, perception, and well-being.
    • Length: 30 Minutes | Recommended: 2-50 Participants
  • 5K Fun Run/Walk
    • Enjoy a little friendly competition with your co-workers during your trip to Wild Dunes Resort. Participate in a 5K Fun Run/Walk on the beach designed just for your group. The winner will enjoy office bragging rights!
    • Length: 1 Hour | Recommended: 10-100 Participants
  • Unity Yoga
    • Strengthen your body and mind with the support and energy created by your surrounding team members. Improve your desk chair posture, improve your meeting mood, help yourself focus, and boost your office air immune system.
    • Length: 30 Minutes | Recommended: 6-30 Participants
  • Tai Chi
    • Getting up and moving is important especially if you have been sitting in meetings for some time. Several options are designed for a short time frame that can be built into your meeting agenda. 1. Qi Gong 2. The Eight 3. Push Hands
    • Length: 15 Minutes-1 Hour | Recommended: 2-10 Participants
  • Office Fitness
    • Sit and be fit with this strength combination class you can do while at your desk! Take advantage of this education and bring it back to the office with you.
    • Length: 30 Minutes | Recommended: 6-30 Participants
  • Tennis Clinic
    • The professional instructors at Wild Dunes Resort can take your tennis game to the next level. Private instruction and group lessons are offered at your team’s convenience.
    • Length: 2 Hours | Recommended: 1-6 Participants


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