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Sand Play

Wild Dunes Resort Golf

Many golfers dread having to hit out of green-side bunkers. However with the proper technique and a little practice, bunker shots can less intimidating.

As is the case with all shots in golf, proper fundamentals are key in successful sand shots. In a green-side bunker focus on the following three thoughts: 

First, dig your feet in the sand, this will help ensure that the club contacts the sand beneath the ball; this is also a great way to determine the texture and consistency of the bunker.

Second, keep the club-face slightly open allowing the natural bounce of the club to slide through the sand. If the ball is slightly buried, square the club-face allowing the leading edge of the club to dig the ball out of the bunker.

Third, be sure to always make a full swing. The displacement of sand from the bunker will get the ball up and out. Increasing or decreasing the speed of your full swing in the bunker will be a good way to control the distance of the shot.

The following bunker play drills will give all golfers more confidence.

  1. While practicing bunker shots, swing the club and try to splash sand out of the bunker and onto the green. This will ensure that the club is contacting the sand behind the ball and that the player is making a full swing.
  2. Try practicing hitting tennis balls out of the bunker. This will ensure the proper amount and depth of sand is being displaced as well as assists in developing proper swing speed for bunker shots.
  3. In the practice bunker, tee the ball up so the top of the tee is slightly above the level of the sand. Take a normal swing and focus on just clipping the top of the tee. This drill promotes a shallower swing path and better bunker shots.


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