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Grand Hyatt Vail featured in The Denver Posts’ The Know section

After a chilly day of skiing or a brisk afternoon of holiday shopping, a piping hot cup of hot cocoa really hits the spot.

But not all hot chocolates are created equal, and Colorado’s bartenders and chefs are putting their own unique touches on this classic drink.

Allow us to let you in on a secret menu item: Gessner’s Grand Cocoa. It’s made with whole milk, rich bittersweet chocolate, house-made marshmallows and a chocolate snowflake tuile made of hardened chocolate. Delicious, yes, but the drink’s presentation is what really stands out. The snowflake tuile rests over the top of the glass with marshmallows at the bottom. Then, a server slowly pours the hot chocolate over the tuile until it melts.


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Food and drink celebrate the culinary heritage of the Colorado Rockies. This delicious blend of cultures echoes Vail’s own heritage.

Open all day, Gessner, the resorts signature restaurant is open breakfast through dinner, showcasing authentic flavors from the Colorado Rockies.

Enjoy breakfast buffets, relaxed lounge lunches and refined dinner experiences all overlooking Gore Creek and Vail Mountain.


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