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Bella Tosca Relaxation Massage 50min. $120 / 80min. $160 
Relax your mind and body with our signature massage. Improve circulation and reduce stress, while your therapist will focus on your common stress areas. Gentle strokes are used to unwind tense muscles, while natural oils are used as well to nourish the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage 50min. $130 / 80min. $170 
This massage is recommended for those who regularly receive massages and who really enjoy deep bodywork. Therapists will use specific techniques to work on acupressure points and deeper muscle layers to alleviate aching, soreness, and pain in sport-related or chronic muscle conditions while easing tension and releasing stress; increasing flexibility and range of motions.

Aromatherapy Massage 50min. $130 / 80min. $170 
In this specialized therapy, besides the massage techniques, your therapist uses organic aromatic essential oils that are customized blends for you to help invigorate tired muscles, detoxify and refresh the whole body.

Hot Stone Massage 50min. $130 / 80min. $170
This powerful restorative treatment helps induce deep relaxation. Heated basalt stones are used to penetrate to the cellular levels melting tension and aching muscle. This heavenly full body massage will eliminate toxins and stiffness to refresh and balance your body's energy.

Sports Massage 50min. $130 / 80min. $170 
A specialized massage that focuses on specific muscles which are used for various physical activities. This massage is helpful for pre or post-events or during sports training. Assists in preventing injuries, alleviating pain and reducing swelling after injury. For the true athlete or daily fitness warrior, this massage is for you.

Prenatal* Massage 50min. $130 
Focuses on reducing the stressors your body encounters during pregnancy and encourages emotional and physical relaxation. This full body massage uses supportive pillows and is performed on your side for comfort.

*This treatment is offered in the second and third trimester only.

Reflexology 25min. $75 / 50min. $120 
This ancient technique is based on the premise that each organ in the body corresponds to specific energy points throughout the body's meridians. Reflexology therapists work on the specific areas of the feet to restore the flow of energy throughout the body and provide a sense of wellbeing and renewed balance.

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage 25min. $75 
These high-stressed retaining areas are specifically massaged to reduce stiffness, aching or soreness for regaining circulation and flexibility. This is ideal for someone who is pressed for time, or others who wish to add this on to another spa service.

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