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Rachael Nerney

Rachael Nerney is an artist and illustrator who loves and admires the small details in life. From sliced citrus destined for cocktails to fresh herbs from the garden, Rachael captures the fleeting moments and memories we share with food through vibrant color, light and pattern. Her goal is to spread joy to communities with her whimsical illustrations.

Rachael earned her BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013. Her passion for illustrating food grew after graduation while she was creating artwork for Whole Foods Market Inc. She now works from her home studio in Charleston, SC. She finds inspiration from local farmers markets, restaurants, and most of all – her kitchen. Rachael’s exhibit Two Top at Miller Gallery was nominated Best Art Exhibit of 2019 by the Charleston City Paper. Rachael was also honorably selected as the Charleston Farmers Market 2020 poster artist.

“I utilize my time and life’s work bringing forth what some may see as an overindulgence. It’s something that only attracts others who find beauty in the simple things of life. Isn’t that ironic? My arts’ mission as a source of joy for people, businesses and communities through color, light and texture. My work is fun, bright and joyful. It reminds people to stop and acknowledge the smaller things, the simpler things, the most important things. My journey has felt very in sync with what I am meant to be doing. Simply put, my artwork is happy but I am particularly drawn to food. Food has been a consistent source of comfort and inspiration throughout my life.” -Rachael Nerney