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Julia Deckman

I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, but I fell in love with Charleston when I attended College of Charleston from. I decided to make the Holy City my home, and I couldn't be happier about it.

I did not attend art school or major in the visual arts, and as a result I am a largely self-taught visual artist. After several unfulfilling years spent in administration, I decided to pursue my passions and build my art career. I serve on the board for Redux Contemporary Art Center and was named the 2019 Lowcountry Artist of the year by the Coastal Community Foundation. My latest venture is opening a studio and retail salon in my community, Riverland Terrace.

I have several artistic directions and use a range of mediums, but the one constant throughout my work is COLOR. I am color obsessed; it's a constant source of inspiration. Bold, vibrant and organic is how I describe my artistic style. My goal is to translate everyday instants into surprising moments of beauty.

I currently paint in 3 different composition styles: architectural, botanical, and abstract color studies. This is because I am as inspired by process as much as imagery and representation. I enjoy pivoting from one approach to another. This rotation allows me to explore color in different ways and remain constantly curious and inspired.