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Hayden Wilson

The intentions of my paintings are to celebrate the various textures, colors, and spaces of a local scene by incorporating intense saturated colors and strategic marks; the captivating works combine the highly technical with the naturally organic. I invite viewers to consider the possibility that naturally existing colors evolve and are experienced on a wider spectrum depending on lighting, setting, and mood. Our culture is quick to photograph and document scenery without presently observing and appreciating, forcing our memories onto screens. My memories and experiences most dominantly exist in colors and light, and I invite viewers to reinterpret textures and space through the combined use of hyper saturated and naturally occurring colors. I paint organic spaces by translating my hypersensitivity of both the natural elements and the digital noise created by our modern, cellular-viewing tendencies by focusing on transitional colors and spaces. I strive to make the quiet areas where colors collide have their own exciting moment. I attempt to take the unnaturally-occurring colors of digital media and make them into the subtle heroes in a painting of a natural subject.

I have been painting my entire life; growing up, my subjects were frequently landscapes or my dogs, and I was able to turn that passion into a business as a new mom in 2015. I am a South Carolina native and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Clemson University in 2010 with a focus in oil painting. I spent a summer in Italy with my major and studied landscape, still life, and plein air painting. In addition to years of experience and professional training, I have a unique ability to see and create color from natural and digital source. My paintings inspire viewers to experience my interpretation and sensational experiences by deconstructing neutrality and drawing one closer to nature.