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Emil Hristov

Educated at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, I have been living and working in the Charleston area for several years now. Drawing on both classical and modern influences for inspiration, my work reflects a blending of different cultures and perspectives.

The main centerpieces of my work are oysters, because the oyster itself is a piece of art.  It is very inspirational to me. Using acrylic paint and various techniques, I am focusing on creating a more striking perspective of the well-known and beloved oyster. Not just as a food but more as a powerful, bold, and colorful piece of art. The dabbing technique I am using adds texture and movement to create a richness with nuance and color.

My intent in painting is to create striking and modern pieces, but I do like for the viewer to interpret the artwork for themselves, as each person will have a unique view. This is my main goal, I want to give people something they can take away with them.