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Tempe AZ Outdoor Wedding Reception


As we continue to follow David and Garrett through their wedding planning in Tempe, we turn to a very special part of the ceremony - their dogs.  Including their four-legged “children” was important to the couple, and we would like to take a few moments to get to know their sweet “Pups of honor,” Bella and Charlee. 

Bella was adopted from an animal clinic in southern Arizona by David and Garrett.  Her previous owner abandoned her at the clinic, and when the couple laid eyes on her for the very first time, there was no doubt she found her new home.  She’s eight years young, loves attention, and doesn’t mind being a lap pillow any time someone is sitting on the couch – she’s definitely a “Netflix and chill” kind of dog.  Bella is very laid back, has a “Love me or leave me attitude” and enjoys being constantly petted.

Charlee, yes spelled “Charlee” because she’s a girl, is very playful and hyper.  This seven-year-old pug loves to play with her toys, and can be quite the watch dog, but will still take a long nap (she has a big snore – common in pugs).  She’s also quite vocal when she’s not happy, especially during bath time.  Charlee was adopted from APARN, Arizona Pug Adoption Rescue Network, as a companion for Bella. 

Bella and Charlee love to take their early morning walks, followed by some time in the grass where they play “tag” and roll around with each other.  The pugs also love treats, especially cucumbers and small pieces of tortilla on occasion.   When David and Garrett are chopping up something in the kitchen, the pugs are at their feet hoping for something to come their way.  Most of all, the pugs love cuddle time, but as most pug-owners know, it’s really David and Garrett who love the cuddle time more.

For the big day, we look forward to seeing the “Pups of Honor” walk down the wedding aisle wearing custom made tutus!  Tempe Mission Palms, a pet friendly hotel,  will be sure to share plenty of photos of these adorable pups on our Facebook and Instagram pages after the big day.

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