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Using a Hashtag at Your Wedding

As we approach the big day, David and Garrett are getting very excited for their wedding in Tempe!  It’s going to be a picturesque evening, with the perfect mild October weather that Arizona is known for.  The guests are going to love dining and dancing under the stars to celebrate the happy couple.

A great way for the guests to help capture the love during any wedding ceremony or reception, is to use a hashtag.  A hashtag helps make any term searchable, allowing for people to find your photo, video, or post when used.  For example, if people used the hashtag #TempeMissionPalmsWedding at David and Garrett’s wedding when posting to their social media, anyone could later search that hashtag and see all the related posts.  The more personal you make the hashtag, the more likely only your associated photos and posts would come up.  It’s a good idea to use the couple’s last name with the wedding and the year; for example, #JonesSmithWedding2016.

David and Garrett will be using a hashtag (yet to be created) during their wedding ceremony and reception.  It will be on the RSVP cards, and in a small frame near the gift table reminding guests to use it when posting photos and videos.  It’s a wonderful way for guests to share the love on social media, and for the happy couple to gather memories they might have never found otherwise.  #WeLoveWeddings #TempeMissionPalms

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