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Small Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona

4 Reasons to Take Your Tempe Meeting Off-property

The struggle is real! When it comes to small meetings in Arizona, we all want to do what’s best for the bottom line, which usually means meeting right in the office. But don’t forget about the flip side of things: off-property meetings.  Taking your meeting off-site is great way to build morale and professional development. Here are a few more reasons why every company should host more business meetings off-property:

  1. They are energizing! Getting out of the regular work space can really open up the mind, let the creative juices flow and fire people up to tackle their jobs back at the office.

  2. They are connecting! Although it is extremely important to network within our industries, it is just as important to network with our co-workers. It opens the lines of communication and brings more opportunities for brainstorming on better ways of doing things.

  3. They are productive! If you are in a room of full your peers, you can accomplish more and can conquer the tasks at hand even more efficiently and effectively.  Plus, off-site meetings help lessen the distractions that typically happen in the office. 

  4. They show value! Treat your employees to a day out of the office and make them feel important. It is a nice way recognize how hard we all work and reward them with an opportunity to energize, connect, refuel and be productive in a different setting.

So when you are considering your next opportunity to go off-site, be sure to consider Tempe Mission Palms. We are known throuout Phoenix, Arizona for our hospitality, professionalism, energizing courtyard, consistent meeting space of all sizes, and of course our “World famous snack shack” and “Lunch buffet”. I invite you to a personal tour and experience all that we have to offer. 

Check out our photo and video gallery for images of our state of the art meeting rooms.

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