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Holiday Party Space in Tempe, AZ

Great ideas to elevate your next party!

If you are looking for ideas to enhance and add meaning to your gathering or holiday party in Phoenix, Arizona consider an altruistic activity to your special event.  Through the years at Tempe Mission Palms, I have worked with so many companies with an active and thriving culture of community based service. Their energy and focus inspiring!

Don’t limit yourself to the month of December, but consider adding these activities to your annual meetings, training, or workshops as well.  Each of our Arizona conference center's meeting rooms are flexible, designed to conform to your group's particular size and specifications. Here are some popular charitable activities you may want to implement into your event planning:

Canned Food Drive can begin early on in your planning, and culminate to a certificate or award to the individual or department with the most donated non-perishable food. Inter-departmental competition for a cause is always well received. Year-round support is needed, with November and December being big need months. The week of your party is also a great time to gather and deliver much needed collected items to a food bank. is one of several in the Phoenix, AZ area where hundreds of families in need are provided for.

Build a Bike Program for a charity such as the Boys and Girls Club. This is a solid team builder where your associates are divided into teams and build a bike from box to give to a child! I had the opportunity years ago to be part of this event and it was fun and engaging. Go to for more information.

Send a Soldier a Gift with our military posted around the world, a gift box from strangers is a welcome one. Organize an afternoon before your party, set up to filling some boxes for the troops overseas. There are many organizations that facilitate the distribution with gratitude. One that was recommended to me is: 

Toy or Clothing Drive and Wrapping Party is always fun, and a good social for a great cause. This creates a positive teaming experience. It’s festive! These will put a smile on a child or warmth and kindness at the homeless shelter. Contact the local Salvation Army Boy and Girls Club or try this website for a start. 

Fundraiser Fan - Search out charity events in the area to take part in. There are a plethora of walk-a-thons, 5k races, feeding the homeless, children and elderly. Many of these events not only need participants but sponsors and volunteers…a healthy way to represent your company. Acknowledge these employee volunteer at your gathering…and watch the amount of participation grow each year.

Locally here in Tempe, we have the offering a plethora of opportunities to serve.

These are just a few ideas to serve your community while building a culture of giving. It goes beyond the holiday season. Truly, any time of the year is an opportunity to serve your communities, and expand on the fun!  Feel free to add your favorites to champion in the comments below.

Brad Filgas - Catering Sales Manager at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. Tempe Leadership Class 31 

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