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aerial view of sunriver resort and pond

Sunriver Airport

Privately Owned Regional Airport

Located in the middle of Sunriver, the Sunriver Airport is a privately-owned regional airport able to accommodate aircraft from small single engine piston aircraft, to a Falcon 2000, Challenger or Gulfstream V jet. The airport is just minutes away from our Central Oregon resort and is convenient for daily excursions, extended-stay vacations and as a drop-off point for group meetings.

The runway was completely rebuilt in April of 2009 and promises a smooth transition from aloft, to earth bound activities. All Central Oregon resort amenities such as golf, swimming, tennis, skiing, bike riding, horseback riding, canoeing or kayaking, dining, or a day at the spa, are available by a quick courtesy shuttle ride to the main lodge, a pleasant 15 minute walk, or a short bike ride (courtesy bikes available).

Whether you are flying a Cessna 172 in for Sunday brunch at the resort, or bringing a group in for a convention in a Global Express, the Sunriver Airport is a "pilot's paradise".


Contact Us:

Sunriver Airport

57200 River Road

P.O. Box 3609

Sunriver, Oregon 97707

Phone: 541.593.4603 | 1.888.780.4438

Fax: 541.593.7617

Cell: 541.480.1688



Noise Abatement Request

Many Sunriver visitors like to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Mt. Bachelor area while participating in outdoor activities. We wouldn't want someone to turn their birdie into a bogey, or have their favorite pony "Peaches" be distracted while on a trail ride, so we ask that all traffic stay west of the Deschutes River on the right downwind for 18, or the left for 36. On departing Rwy 36, turn to 320 degrees if possible for climb out along the river. Thank you for your consideration, and remember, "Fly Sunriver"!

View Noise Abatement Map 

FAA Identifier: S21

Lat/Long: 43-52-34.8000N / 121-27-11.0000W

43-52.580000N / 121-27.183333W

Elevation: 4164 ft. / 1269.2 m (surveyed)

Variation: 18E (1985)

Time zone: UTC -8 (UTC -7 during Daylight Saving Time)

Airport use: Open to the public 24/7 Private ownership.

Sectional chart: KLAMATH FALLS

Control tower: NO



NOTAMs facility: MMV (NOTAM-D service available)

Pattern altitude: 5164 ft. MSL

Wind indicator: LIGHTED

Lights: PCL Rwy 18/36 & VASI RY 18 - 5 clicks, 122.8

Beacon: Green / White (lighted land airport) Airport Communications

Sunriver Unicom: 122.8

SEA Center: 128.15

FSS MMV Radio: 122.3

WX AWOS BDN, 17 mi. ne: 134.425

BDN Unicom: 123.0

RDM ATIS: 119.025

RDM TowerTWR: 124.5

Nearby radio navigation aids and approaches

VOR radial/distance: DSD r178/23.5


Freq: 117.60

Var: 18E

VOR/DME Rwy 18 & RNAV GPS Rwy 18


Runway 18/36

Dimensions: 5455 x 75 ft. / 1663 x 23 m

Surface: asphalt, in good condition

Weight bearing capacity: Single wheel: 30.0

Runway edge lights: low intensity

Runway 18

Latitude: 43-53.010867N

Longitude: 121-27.012812W

Traffic pattern: right

Runway heading: 178 magnetic, 196 true

Displaced threshold: 988 ft.

Markings: nonprecision, in good condition

Visual slope indicator: 2-box VASI on left (3.50 degrees glide path)

Touchdown point: yes, no lights

Obstructions: 20 ft. tree, 570 ft. from runway, 18:1 slope to clear +4 FT FENCE 115 FT FM RY END ON CNTRLN.

Runway 36

Latitude: 43-52.147657NLongitude: 121-27.352982W

Traffic pattern: left

Runway heading: 358 magnetic, 016 true

Displaced threshold: no

Markings: basic, in good condition

Visual slope indicator:

Touchdown point: yes, no lights

Obstructions: 70 ft. trees, 2000 ft. from runway, 150 ft. left of centerline, 25:1 slope to clear. 


Aircraft Services & Fuel

  • Airport open 24 hours
  • PCL, 5 clicks, 122.8
  • Marshall aircraft in and out
  • After hours on-call services
  • Reinforced concrete parking for heavy aircraft
  • Tie down and ramp space for almost any aircraft
  • 100LL Full Serve and 24 hour Self Serve
  • Jet-A Full Serve and 24 hour Self Serve
  • Prist by injection on request
  • Hangar rental available for any aircraft up to a large jet

Pilot & Passenger

  • Terminal building open 24 hours
  • Computer / restrooms / phone / WI-Fi available 24 hours
  • Incoming and outgoing FAX
  • Luggage pick-up at your aircraft

Lodging & Food

  • Our Bend, Oregon resort offers a wide variety of premium accommodations from traditional lodgings to upscale guestrooms, condos and cabins.
  • Pilot / crew rooms available with special pricing.
  • After landing you are minutes away from a variety of restaurants and cafés.
  • Catering is available for any aircraft as well as ice and coffee service.


  • 24 hour courtesy shuttle to the Resort and locations in Sunriver
  • Car rentals from Enterprise
  • We can arrange anything for you from an economical compact car or mini-van, to a luxury Porsche SUV or a BMW convertible.
  • Call 541-593-4603 for car reservations.
  • Cars are delivered to the aircraft after landing and securing the aircraft.
  • A fleet of courtesy bicycles are available at the airport for day use around the resort

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Sunriver Resort offers a variety of Bend, Oregon dining options for every occasion. Executive Chef Travis has brought a keen eye for fresh, seasonal ingredients along with an imaginative palette to create extraordinary culinary moments. Featuring a wide array of cuisine and ambiance, all restaurants have three things in common - great service, delicious dishes and spectacular views.

Carson's American Kitchen is a lively restaurant and gathering place offering satisfying American fare and spectacular views in Sunriver, Oregon.

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Sage Springs Club & Spa encapsulates the spirit of this high desert region with it's warm ambiance, signature services and indigenous products. Welcome to a private escape dedicated to your health, fitness and complete well-being. Our Bend, Oregon spa is proud to offer many services and products that are organic, locally grown, and hand-crafted such as lavender from Cascaded Lavender Farms and indigenous Stonecrop products. Enjoy your journey.

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Featuring Oregon's finest golf, Sunriver Resort is a golfer's paradise and an ideal choice for a golf vacation near Bend, Oregon.

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