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Game improvement vacations with Sunriver Resort give you the instruction and practice you need

From average amateurs to the most polished of professionals, every golfer yearns to get just a bit better. We read endless golf tips, try to mimic what we see on the PGA Tour, and search for an edge with the latest and greatest equipment. And yet when it’s finally time to go on vacation, truly hoping to enjoy a few rounds at Sunriver Resort’s championship golf courses, we fall short of our own expectations.


Despite all that will, especially before a golf vacation, we struggle to significantly improve. With jobs, children, or any of the other day-to-day responsibilities that keep us from truly focusing our golf games, it makes sense. Unfortunately shortcuts to better golf are elusive.


What many amateur golfers actually need is the help of a PGA professional and time to reinforce those lessons with sustained and focused practice. You see, the key to shaving strokes is actually simple: professional instruction, practice, and repetition.


When we are on vacation at Sunriver Resort, though, the time pressures that dog us in everyday lives lives drift away. (In fact, that is exactly the point of a vacation!) Yet so many of us fail to consider using all that newfound time to improve our golf games.  


Sunriver Resort can help with its Sunriver Golf Improvement Vacations, which offer a rare chance at focused professional instruction, practice and on-course time. Sunriver’s Golf School programs spur rapid improvement by devoting one, two, or three days with professionally led golf instruction. And since it’s a Sunriver Resort vacation, you know it will be fun.


The results are hard to ignore.  


“Repetition is the quickest path to sharpening your golf skills, and a relatively short, focused approach presents the best chance golfers will have to quickly improve,” said Kevin Erdman, Sunriver Resort’s director of golf instruction. “Golfers so often make the mistake of taking an hour golf lesson, and then regress by not reinforcing those lessons with practice. For this reason, Sunriver Golf Improvement Vacations are designed to be an immersive experience, intertwining on- and off-course lessons with focused practice. It is what makes them effective.”


The customized options for each school are almost limitless, too. Schools can be designed to last one, two, or three days, include the entire family with a discounted rate for junior golfers, or a one-day women’s golf school.


Regardless of what option golfers choose, the sessions should be productive. Each day includes:

  • Five hours of instruction per day by Sunriver Resort’s world-class golf professionals
  • With only two to four students per school, focused instruction for each student
  • On- and off-course instruction, which allows golfers to test the lessons learned in a real-world setting
  • Unlimited golf following each day of instruction at either Meadows or Woodlands courses, which will reinforce each lesson while it’s still fresh
  • State-of-the-art video swing analysis, which detail precisely where each golfer needs to improve
  • Evaluation of each golfer’s equipment
  • Lunch or snack daily


“We work on every facet, including skill development, driver through putter, as well as game the more mental aspects of the game, such as game management,” Erdman said. “We believe this is the best way for novices to learn the game, and for more skilled players, the greatest opportunity that they can afford themselves to quickly improve.”


Each school is limited to two to four students, and to make a reservation you must have at least two students in your group. Exclusive reservations can be made with three golfers, limiting the school to your own group. Single students can be paired up, depending on availability.

For rates and instructional programs visit our Golf Academy page. Or to book a golf lesson or Golf Improvement Vacation, contact Kevin Erdman at 541-639-5825 or

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Featuring Oregon's finest golf, Sunriver Resort is a golfer's paradise and an ideal choice for a golf vacation near Bend, Oregon.

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