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Take your yoga practice to the next level by finding out your Dosha type

We know that yoga has become a mainstream phenomenon that touts tight abs and cute workout clothes but what is yoga really about?  Where did yoga come from and what was it intended to do besides getting us in amazing shape?  Join me as we discover the roots of yoga and how you can take your practice to the next level.  This blog is just an introduction to what you can hear and experience for yourself at Sage Springs Club and Spa on Saturday September 16th when we celebrate the science of yoga from 11am to 4:30pm.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life and is based on the laws of nature. It is one of the oldest known wellness sciences known to man and was the birthplace of yoga which has developed a modern day following because of its physical and mental health benefits.  It has been crafted and perfected for over 5,000 years.  It provides a customized path to wellness based on an individual’s genetic body type and personality traits called Doshas.  When an individual is able to identify and balance their dosha then they are able to experience a life void of physical and mental health problems.  Your dosha simply put is what makes you…..well…….you.  There are three different Doshas in Ayurveda.  They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Let’s discover each dosha separately even though many people can exhibit combinations of each Dosha.  This a very simple explanation of a very complicated subject but will serve as a great conversation starter in your yoga practice.

Vatas tend to have thin figures, cool skin and tend to not gain weight easily.  That person you know that can eat the whole buffet but still fit into their skinny jeans the next day! They are quick moving in mind and body.  They tend to fidget a lot and will seem restless when seated for long periods of time when they are out of balance.  They can come up with a million ideas a minute and make for great leaders.  When unbalanced they can experience feelings of fear, anxiety and racing thoughts.  They benefit most from warmer yoga rooms and calming asana poses that are grounding and centered around deep breathing.  I would recommend very relaxing, warming spa treatments that keeps the body heated.  Vata doshas can have profound experiences with Shirodhara that calms the racing the thoughts and is deeply centering.  They should receive Shirodhara more than once to really feel the effects.

Pittas can be best described as fire.  They are naturally athletic, have strong digestion and spicy personalities.  They can concentrate well and tend to have a sharp intellectual wit about them.  They can over heat easily and therefore would not fare well in a heated yoga room as that environment would add more spice to their already spicy demeanor.  Cooling and calming yoga poses can bring Pittas into balance.  Pittas tend to suffer from heated skin issues and therefore would want to choose skincare services that do not use heat inducing products such as heavy peels.  The gentle and cooling skincare used in our Goddess facial is the perfect way to soothe and illuminate Pitta skin.

Kapha is a dosha that I am very familiar with.  It almost perfectly describes me.   A sturdy body type prone to weight gain but have incredible endurance.  I have joked for years that I can just smell a cupcake and I will gain weight.  Kaphas are calm and affectionate with excellent memories.  We benefit from faster heated asana poses and should exercise regularly even though are easy going temperament would rather just relax.  My favorite balancing spa service is a vigorous Abhyanga massage that helps to produce circulation and energy.

Click here to learn which Dosha type you are:

Every person is unique and special.  Finding ways to care for the individual is the best way to better health and vitality.  See you at the Spa!

Tifany LeGuyonne LMT/EST

Spa Manager, Sage Springs Club and Spa

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