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Group Fitness Classes & Schedule

The schedule and variety of our group fitness classes changes often, see the current list of classes here.




Meet Your Instructors

fitness alan

Alan Stahl

"I received teacher training and was certified through Yoga Fit. I began instructing classes in 2010. I have a gentle sustainable approach to my practice. My class routines are a mixture of breath work, flowing movements, balance, and classic yoga postures. The classes are very approachable and any level of student should feel comfortable."

 fitness helen

Helen Lau

Helen’s personal yoga journey began at the age of 16 with a foundation in Hatha Yoga. In her late 30’s she begin her teacher career through the YogaFit training system which is grounded in a practice of accessibility to all levels of yogi practitioners with a foundation in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. Her current practice is rooted in flow yoga which can be described as moving gracefully with the breath, from one pose to another, in a rhythmic way to sooth the soul, focus the mind and open the heart. This practice will aid in balance and strength necessary for all daily movement, for all ages.


fitness daria

Daria Heaverlo

As a knowledgeable and creative movement teacher, Daria’s classes will help you create better posture and movement patterns. Over time, your body will become more balanced in strength and flexibility. Her classes work from a Pilates perspective whether it’s a Pilates Mat, Yoga or Round Box Core Blades class. Her goal is to give you tools to support your daily and athletic life whether we are in class or not.

fitness sarah

Sarah Stahl

Sarah believes that it is important to find an exercise that is safe and fun to do. She enjoys introducing people to fitness and has been teaching for 22 years. Sarah is certified to teach Aqua Fitness, Aqua Zumba, Zumba, Senior Fitness, Group Fitness & Personal Training.

 fitness jackie

Jackie O'Connor

Jackie invites you to come join her indoor cycling class which features an energizing class suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. It includes inspirational music, safe expert coaching and a variety of training principles. Be prepared to sweat!

 fitness jennie

Jennie Graham

Jennies holds a Group Fitness Certification and have been teaching off and on for 8 years.
As a Mom of four she absolutely love teaching Moms. The positive endorphins are so important for self esteem and stress relief and the bonus is seeing results. Not to mention it’s a great place to meet other women in the same stage of life and create community. She teaches all fitness levels as well as pre and postnatal. Moms don’t have a lot of time so we need to get in, get out and maximize results! Her classes are a 45 minute full body circuit, mixing strength and cardio. Beyond class her main focus is on safety and making sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. She wants people to come back and to create an awesome class.


 fitness jodi

Jodi Erickson

Jodi found her calling back in 2017 when she attended an Ayurvedic workshop where she found out that she could prevent many dis-eases in her life if she were eating and living according to her Ayurvedic Body/Mind Type. From there she went on a journey of self discovery, attending the New World Ayurveda school. Jodi is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping to integrate conscious-based living methodologies with the modern fast-paced world we live in. Her ability to provide a sacred nourishing space is like no other and she is dedicated towards serving her clients and community through her intuitive healing practices.

 fitness sibyl

 Sibyl Maer-Fillo

Sibyl Maer-Fillohas been teaching yoga classes Swim & Fitness Center's inviting, light-filled studio since 2009. Within this beautiful,familiar space her classes are inspired by the Hatha Yoga tradition using a flowing/vinyasa format;connecting the breath to purposeful movement with traditional poses to stretch and strengthen the body, sun salutations to build heat, sequences to practice balance and heighten focus and always ending with the most important part of a class - savasana, final relaxation.

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