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We head to the spa to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life.  Our kids are living in the same world with the same stresses.  Give them the gift of relaxation with a trip to our new Stowe, Vermont kid spa and have them experience kid friendly mini-spa treatments or our popular Chillax Session. 

Chillax Session 

Rule 1:  You have to giggle. 
Rule 2:  You have to have fun.
Rule 3:  You have to chillax.

A customized relaxing session designed for your child to relax, unwind and be "still."  Aromatherapy washcloths, cool cucumbers, hand and foot treatments and deep breathing exercises will leave them relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.  Your child will enjoy the Chillax Lounge during this session.   Must be 6 years of age or older. 

25 minutes     $25   

Kid's Spa 

ServicesKid's spa services are conducted in the spa and must have an adult in the room during the time of the service.  These services are only for those 12 and under. 

Mini Me Massage 

Let us massage out the stress and tension in your child's body.  An adult must be present in the room during the massage service.  For children 12 and under. 

25 minutes     $75   

Mini Me Facial 

A pure and simple spa facial for your child that will cleanse, tone and hydrate.  Basic lessons on the importance of clean skin will be shared with your child.  Adult must be present in the room during the facial service.  For children 12 and under. 

25 minutes     $75   

Tasty Toes Pedicure 

Treat your little one with a delicious pedicure that leaves their toes smelling fresh from the bakery.  

25 minutes     $30   

Princess Manicure

A quick buff and polish so your little Princess can feel like a big girl, too.  

For children 12 and under. 25 minutes     $20 

Hair Feathers     

2 Feathers/$25      4 Feathers/$30          $10/additional  

Hair Tinsel          

6 Tinsels/$25          $5 for each additional Tinsel 

What is Chillax? 

A program designed to enable children to experience what it feels like to be in a stress free environment through touch, smell, sound and imagination. This unique program is intended to spread love, laughter and self-confidence to children in a safe and relaxing environment thru programming that includes deep breathing exercises, imagination, meditation, touch, smell and sound.  

Why Chillax? 

Children are affected by stress more than we know.* The results of this study opened our eyes to the opportunity we had to help to teach children how to relax and be stress free, by experiencing what it feels like to relax in a safe and relaxing environment.   

  • 30% of tweens and 42% of teens say they get headaches. However, only 13% of parents reported being aware of their children having headaches. 
  • 39% of tweens and 49% of teens report difficulty sleeping. However, only 13% of parents reported being aware of their children having trouble sleeping. 
  • 25% of tweens and 39% of teens reported eating too much or too little due to stress. However, only 8% of parents reported being aware of this issue. 

*The above stress statistics related to children and their parents were reported by a 2009 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA). 

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