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Couple Hiking in Stowe, VT

Destination Earth

In recognition of the need to preserve the world in which we operate and serve our guests, Destination Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to practices and programs that pay respect to, and lessen our footprint on, our environment.

As the largest independent hospitality management company in the country, we are committed to creating a new benchmark for our hotels and resorts through a series of environmental initiatives, both on the corporate level and at each of our individual properties.

A vision was born when the idea for a 110 million gallon manmade lake was created to fuel Stowe's snow making capabilities, simultaneously conserving water and maintaining the health of the local streams and rivers. Today, Peregrine Lake, the centerpiece of our exciting resort development, represents our commitment to maintain an environmental approach towards all of our aspects, policies and designs. As a testament to the development's environmental efforts, Audubon International awarded Spruce Peak at Stowe their coveted Sustainable Community award, with Stowe being the first mountain resort to ever win this award. In addition, Stowe Mountain Club, the wilderness golf course designed by the legendary Bob Cupp for members and Stowe Mountain Lodge guests, was recognized with Audubon International's esteemed Signature Sanctuary certification. In keeping with the resort's dedication to preserving the environment, Stowe Mountain Lodge and Spruce Peak at Stowe, which are surrounded by 2,000 acres of conservation land, carefully follow an environmental charter drafted in 2004 outlining our commitment to eco-friendly practices. Efficiency Vermont, the nation's first statewide provider of energy efficiency services, approximated that Stowe Mountain Lodge's proposed plan would save 800,000 kWh of electricity and 42,000 gallons of propane per year. Below are some initiatives which highlight thoughtful and responsible choices implemented by Stowe Mountain Lodge and Spruce Peak.  In an effort to humbly respect and preserve the awe-inspiring beauty of Vermont's natural resources, our environmental stewardship commitment hopes to inspire others with progressive and innovative business methods.

  • Over 50% of the power purchased by the resort is from renewable resources.
  • All guestrooms use energy efficient light bulbs to reduce the impact of depleting energy sources.
  • Eco-friendly products include linens, bathrobes, cleaning solutions and recyclable paper products.
  • A solid waste management system and compost program is in practice.
  • Pedestrian paths, a trolley system and a transfer lift help reduce transportation related carbon emissions.

Furthermore, an energy management system called Trane Summit controls and monitors energy levels used throughout back-of-the-house areas based on occupancy and motion sensors will prevent excess heat, air conditioning and lighting usage.

Stowe Mountain Lodge has achieved a rating of Gold through the Audubon International Green Lodging Program for Hotels!

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