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On the Stowe Golf Course

How Your Golf Game is Improved By Skiing

Ask anyone from Vermont, the end of winter doesn’t mean skiing is off the brain. Even after a whole winter of first chairs and last runs, Vermonters are anxiously anticipating the next season to get back on the slopes all summer long. So what can skiers do to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in the warm offseason?

That go-to sport is golf! Remarkably, golf and alpine skiing have quite a few things in common. Consider this- after a long day of skiing, where in your body do you feel the most fatigue? Top of the legs? Quads? If you ski on a fairly regular basis, the muscles that are most strengthened are the same ones that will perfect your golf swing.

If you watch people who are first learning to ski, you’ll notice their entire body rotates from side to side as one unit. Experienced skiers however are able to move fluidly in their legs and hips while maintaining a very quiet upper body.  Being able to differentiate the motion of the upper body and lower body takes practice, coordination and core strength.

Avid golfers and golf fitness trainers will be the first to tell you that strengthening your core is paramount in improving your ability to keep the lower body still while your upper body moves through the golf swing. 

If you are a skier (or a snowboarder!), your body may already have a head start on the game. Yet experience on the mountain isn’t all that is needed in a great golfer. An assessment from a TPI certified golf fitness coach is the best way to find out where you stand in terms of technique, stability, balance, and so on. Once assessment is complete, you will receive personalized instructions and specific exercises aimed at improving your fitness and your game. If you have concerns with stability or mobility, then focusing on these areas at the beginning of your season is crucial to avoid injury.

For more information about our golf fitness assessments, please contact our TPI certified Golf Fitness Coach, Rebecca Rahilly at The Spa and Wellness Center at Stowe Mountain Lodge. Keep practicing, and we’ll see you on the course!

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