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Perfect Pairings for Valentine's Day

Too many people look at Valentine's Day as what we're told to see: buy a dozen roses and a Hallmark card or else you're in big trouble.  I'm certainly not one to promote mass marketed holidays, but I think there's something to be said about the premise behind the day: stop to take time to appreciate the person you care about most.  There's so much to focus on in our lives: long days at work, soccer games with kids, golf days with friends, mortgage payments, the list goes on forever.  We spend so much of our time focusing on how we're going to get through the challenges of our every day lives that sometimes we forget what's truly important: who is going to be by our sides while we get through them.  Instead of running to CVS to pick up some heart shaped chocolate, why don't you take a few hours out of your busy Wednesday night and spend it enjoying a delicious, relaxing meal with the person you love.  We here at Solstice restaurant are going to be spending time with our special someone on Tuesday night so that we can help you have the best Valentine's Day you've ever had on Wednesday.  When you come up for your reservation (even if you're making it just a few minutes in advance, we'll still help you out...) we've got a few special bottles to help you mark your special date.  


Dominique Lafon Bourgogne Blanc & Grande Plateau Shellfish Tower

You should be starting your romantic evening off with oysters.  Period.  Whether you believe that they are an aphrodisiac or not, our east coast shellfish are just perfect.  Mainly caught off the cold Atlantic shores of Massachusetts and Maine our shellfish are brought to us at their peak and we want to give them right to you with the perfect wine to highlight their freshness.  A true rock star in Burgundy, Dominique Lafon's family has been making Grand Cru Burgundies since basically forever.  This side project for Dominique sources out new vineyards to play with and this humble table wine is a great way to start a meal.  This bottle is bright and refreshing, just enough citrus to play against its rich floral notes.  This is a glass you won't want to put down.  Luckily you can have one hand on your wine glass while the other puts down your empty Island Creek oyster shell.


Bordeaux & Beef Wellington for Two

When we think of Bordeaux, we think of elegance, of tradition, of refinement.  When you're drinking Bordeaux you can just taste the generations of experience that go into growing every grape.  These are wines that bring us back centuries in the past, to make us dream of grand palaces and regal dinners, where dishes as grand as Beef Wellington were served.  At Solstice our Beef Wellington is designed to be shared between loved ones.  Whether you're a left bank, Cabernet Sauvignon loving couple or a right bank Merlot dominant couple, we want to help you pick out the perfectly aged bottle you're looking for.  

 Vina Rioja

2005 Lopez de Heredia "Vina Tondonia" Reserva Rioja & A Fireplace

When I think of Valentine's Day I can't think of anything better than sitting together under a blanket drinking a bottle of wine, and this is the wine I want.  This incredible wine, just like your relationship, takes time to produce.  R. Lopez de Heredia winery has been producing these wines from these same vineyards for 130 years.  Once the grapes are picked and crushed they sit in aged oak barrels for 6 years.  Then they sit patiently in the bottle for 6 more years waiting for you to open them.  This wine is a perfect drinking wine, whether you want to pair it with confit lamb ribs or your Valentine's Day is more of a Netflix-and-chill kind of night and you need a perfect under-the-blankets wine.  If it were me, however, I'd be sitting next to fireplace, watching the snowfall and thinking about how lucky I am to be drinking this bottle with this special someone.  

 Rose & Truffles

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose & Chocolate

Generally I recommend starting a meal with Champagne, it's the absolute perfect mood setter.  On Valentine's Day, however, the perfect mood should be set at the end of your meal, not the beginning.  This particular bottle of organically grown Champagne goes perfectly with everything, whether it's a beautiful slate of Vermont cheeses, chocolate covered strawberries or this rich, decadent bespoke chocolate plate.  We just hope that your bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose helps end your meal as much as it helps set the mood for the rest of your night.  



Stay tuned for the next edition of Tasting Notes for all the finest wine pairing choices!

  - Tim Wallace

Solstice Sommelier

T.Wallace Tim Wallace, Solstice Sommelier
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