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Himalayan Forest Bathing

My Experience - Lynn Broderick

Me-time is not to be wasted so I love escaping to the Stowe Mountain Lodge Spa.  My usual treatment is to indulge in a relaxing Swedish massage, but the spa concierge recently recommended that I try something different and suggested the Himalayan Forest Bathing .  I had no idea what to expect and was completely impressed!  What originally came to mind when I thought of a sea salt stone massage was the therapist placing stones on my back, but I clearly underestimated the use of the sea salt stones.  This was the most relaxing treatment I have ever experienced.  After settling into the luxurious spa room, this indulgent and therapeutic massage began with dry brushing which stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body.  After the soothing dry brushing, the 110-minute massage continued by incorporating forest oils and massaging with Himalayan hot sea salt stones which completely melted all tension from my body.  The forest oil aromatherapy combined with the thorough stone massage left me feeling completely pampered and de-stressed.  I will definitely return again to experience this amazing detoxifying treatment which is perfect for unwinding any time of year.  

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