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Charcuterie in Stowe, VT

Healthy Eating at Stowe Mountain Lodge

The minority is now the majority. For years restaurants viewed alternate diets as secondary. However, through awareness and lifestyle changes, there has been a cultural renaissance as it relates to diets and health concerns.  For restaurants to maintain a competitive edge, chefs and restaurateurs have to grow their philosophies.

Here at Stowe Mountain Lodge, we accommodate these diets by treating them as an equal. Our menus boast Vegan and Vegetarian sections that are printed right alongside "from the grill” options.  We engineer our menus in a fashion that vegan or vegetarian dishes are just as appealing as a non-vegan dish.

Our product sourcing furthers this lifestyle and we do not view these diets as a trend. Our  staff have incorporated awareness and verbiage in which we are proactive so that our guests do not have to sheepishly ask for special consideration. All and all because of our open arms approach in all that we do here at Stowe Mountain Lodge,  the food is actually academic, approachable and changes daily….and we celebrate the fact that people eat healthy, practice special diets and celebrate wellness even when on vacation. Enjoy and see you soon!

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