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Fishing in Stowe, VT

For the Love of Fly Fishing

For the Love of Fly Fishing

I’ve always enjoyed fishing, my grandfather was a dedicated fisherman who passed his love on to me. I took up fly fishing about five years ago and quickly stopped spin fishing. I dedicated all my free time to the Fly! In the beginning I took a free casting lesson at The Fly Rod Shop and then started watching videos on youtube to learn as much as I could. I was not very successful. I got a kayak the following summer and that changed everything. I concentrated my fly fishing on Bass, Pickerel and Northern Pike. I fell in love with throwing big streamers to these predatory fish from my kayak.

Two summers ago I got a fly tying kit on craigslist and that took my passion to another level. I started with Wooly Buggers and have since moved onto more complicated patterns using many different materials. I love the rush of adrenaline I get when I land a fish on a fly I tied. I now tie mostly large streamer type flies using Deer hair, feathers, flash-a-bou and craft furs. I really like a Clouser variation called a Guitar Minnow. I recently did battle with a massive Northern Pike for about 10 minutes after it inhaled one of them. I tie Clouser’s in many colors, some to mimic baitfish and others that are flashy attractor type patterns. My other top producing fly would be big Bass Buggers tied on size 1/0 or larger hooks. I like them in Chartreuse and Black but they produce fish in a wide variety of colors!

Stowe has some of the best spots to fly fish in New England! The spots are plentiful. And I love to talk fishing, so feel free to stop by when you are at Stowe Mountain Lodge and say hi. I'd love to chat about my favorite spots! See you out there! -Justin

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