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Stowe Golf SMGC Hole 6

Rules & Policies

All players must check in with the golf shop prior to play. All players are to have their own bag and set of clubs. Play is to begin on the #1 tee unless instructed otherwise by golf shop personnel. All food and beverages must be purchased from the course. All players are expected to wear appropriate golf attire and act in accordance to the spirit and etiquette of the game 
at all times on the property, both toward other players and golf course personnel.

CALL 802.760.4653 (GOLF) OR 802.253.4893

Reservations: Members may reserve tee times 4 weeks in advance; Public may reserve 2 weeks in advance. Tee times between 7am and Noon may require valid credit card guarantee.

• Tee times are every 10 minutes
• During peak periods, players must adhere to Pace of Play Policy (below)
• Twenty One or more players are considered a group and may conform to a different combination discounted services and fees.
• Five-somes may be allowed during off peak times at the sole discretion of the golf shop.
• Standby, or walk-in groups of any size, are encouraged and will be accommodated at the first available opportunity.
• Players making reservations of less than four players should plan on being paired with another player or players by the golf shop.

In an effort to ensure that the golf course is being utilized to its maximum capacity, the following policy notes are in place to limit and monitor ‘No Show’ or ‘Short Show’ tee times.

a) A “No Show” is any tee time which was reserved for a member or guest who did not show up to play golf at their reserved time. A “Short Show’ is a tee time reserved for more than the intended number of players.
b) If a player is not able to utilize their tee time reservation the player cancels at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the Golf Shop by phone or in person. As a minimum, unwanted tee times must be cancelled at least 12 hours before the reserved tee time. Continued abuse of the tee time cancellation policy may lead to loss of advanced tee times reservations.

Based on the feedback received from our patrons, one of the most important factors affecting customer satisfaction is pace of play. In an effort to improve golfer satisfaction we have established a Pace of Play Program that we are calling “It’s About Time,” which is specifically designed to increase our golfers’ enjoyment by improving awareness and providing strategies to avoid slow-play.

The “It’s About Time” Pace of Play Program is based on the principles of playing “Ready Golf.” We are asking all players to adhere to a 4-hour round of golf, as detailed in of USGA Time Par Schedule.

The most important item to remember is to keep up with the group in front of you. If you or your group falls behind on one hole, you are expected to play efficiently and regain your position. This might mean playing ready golf and continuous putting, both of which are allowed in stroke play.

Hole#  Time Par Hole# Time Par
 1 15 minutes  10  9 minutes
 2  8 minutes  11 16 minutes
 3 15 minutes  12 14 minutes
 4  9 minutes  13 12 minutes
 5 13 minutes   14 15 minutes
 6 17 minutes  15 12 minutes
 7 14 minutes  16 14 minutes
 8  9 minutes  17 13 minutes
 9  17 minutes  18 10 minutes
 Turn  8 minutes    
 Front 9  1:57  Back 9  1:55


• Play ready golf; tee off when ready – no honors, in the fairway – hit when ready.
• Stay within one stroke of the group ahead of you.
• Plan your shot while walking to your ball or while others are playing.
• Walk directly to your golf ball; don’t follow others unless assisting in a search.
• If riding, take several clubs to your ball so you won’t have to walk back to the cart.
• If using yardage measuring devices share yardages within your group where necessary.
• Be efficient with your pre-shot routine.
• Take no more than two practice swings.
• Be ready to play when it is your turn.
• Line up your putt when others are putting and be ready to play when it is your turn.
• Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green towards the next tee.
• Leave the putting green promptly after holing out.
• Record your scores on the next tee.

You are a part of the cure- Please call the pro shop when you find a slow group and we will immediately work to resolve the situation.

Please check the forecast prior to playing. If rain is in the forecast, there are no rain checks. A rain check may be issued only if the golf course superintendent or golf operations manager deems the course unplayable. Players are expected to continue play during rain and/or drizzle. Rain checks are issued depending on the number of holes played.

• 1-4 holes the customer receives a gift card valued at the price paid upon check-in.
• 4-13 holes the customer receives a gift card valued at 50% of the price paid upon check-in.
• 14 or more holes do not qualify for a rain check There are no cash refunds.

Men: Shirts must be worn at all times and collars are recommended. Denim, tank tops and athletic attire are not permitted. Women: Backless & bare midriff garments are not permitted. All players: short shorts, cutoffs & metal spikes and athletic cleats are prohibited.

Following the delay, tee times will tee off in order of the originally scheduled tee time.

In the interest of safety, spectators are limited to following a particular group and are required to rent and utilize a golf cart. Pleasure trips across the course are not safe, interfere with play and are not be permitted.

No tee times available when you call? Ask about our call back waiting list. Our staff will take your name, phone number and size of group and you will be called when a time becomes available.

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