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Spruce Peak Arts Presents: Castle On The Hill: A Tale of King Arthur

7:00 pm | Friday, June 22nd & 2:00 pm | Saturday, June 23rd

Spruce Peak Arts Presents: Castle On The Hill: A Tale of King Arthur | Vermont Youth Dancers

Tickets: $18 - $22

Vermont Youth Dancers brings this classic tale of the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table to the stage told through current music and exciting choreography. Arthur is guided by Merlin and destined to be king. He is torn between his commitment to his wife and the kingdom of Camelot, and his promise to his family and the Lady of the Lake in the mystical kingdom of Avalon, who has provided him with the magical sword Excalibur, and helped put him on the throne. As tensions mount, and battle looms, will his nephew Mordred truly be next in line to the throne? What of Guinevere and Arthur’s noble knight and best friend Lancelot, who both love him dearly? A story of brotherhood, chivalry, and just like us….those looking for a perfect society, and somehow trying do what is right.

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