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Sun + Sea + Tea

Sun Polish + Wrap + Reflexology
- 80 minutes $220
Blueberry seeds, molasses and honey crystals synthesize a dual exfoliation that will reveal the most vibrant you. After a warm shower, you are quenched with potent sea extracts that re-mineralize the skin while a warm stone and reflexology foot massage support a grounded feeling, reminiscent of summer walks on the beach.

Matcha Tea + Body Brush + Wrap - 50 minutes $165
Your journey with Matcha tea begins with a full-body brushing to enhance circulation and prepare your skin. A powerful concoction of earthen clays, kelp powder, raw honey and Matcha green tea powder are whisked by way of ancient tradition and charcoal filtered water, to create a purifying body mask. After an ultra- cleansing shower, a silky blend of Matcha cream will leave you feeling renewed and your immunity boosted.

Vitamin Sea Facial
 - 50 or 80 min., $170 or $265
Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and premature aging with a potent combination of vitamin C + collagen. This corrective facial uses a professional strength Alpha Beta peel to slough away dull skin revealing a smoother texture, giving luminosity to lackluster skin. Specialized infrared light therapy will diminish fine lines around the eyes, while a hyaluronic
marine mask plumps and repairs skin.

Sea The Difference Neck + Décolleté - 25 minutes $85
Improve an area often neglected in our daily skin care regimen. An effective blend of alpha and beta acids will decrease photo aging and tighten skin revealing a brilliant glow to your neck and décolleté.

Matcha Tea + Face - 50 or 80 min., $165 or $230
A double tea potion of Matcha and white tea compounds are blended with marine algae to deliver a high dose of antioxidants and instantly revitalize lackluster skin. Featuring our Signature Facial Steam with Matcha green tea and neck and décolleté treatment to improve tonality and brighten areas vulnerable to sun exposure and premature aging. A skin benefiting tincture follows this treatment adding a spark of wellness to your inside to match your radiant skin on the outside.

Green Tea + Eyes - No additional time $25
When headaches, allergies, late nights or fatigue cause your eyes to look tired, these green tea and collagen eye pads add moisture and nutrients to the delicate under-eye zone, creating a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. A great addition to any spa experience.

Matcha Brightening Hand Treatment
 - No additional time $20
Add to any manicure, a powerful blend of antioxidants from Matcha tea will help to reduce the appearance of sunspots, improve tone and texture leaving you with youthful looking hands.