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Holistic + Healing

Holistic Body + Mind - 110 minutes $350
A total wellness experience beginning with a ritual to honor the powerful convergence of elements felt on the coast of southern Maine. A sea salt scrub will release your outer layers and increase your kinetic energy, while a wrap in local glacial clay will purify the body and bring you closer to earth. Highly specialized vibrational sound healing and tuning is incorporated to closely connect you to the wind, water, metal, fire and earth linking your spirit to the grounding force of nature. A deep conditioning hair treatment and acupressure scalp massage will ease cranial tension and clear your mind. Benefit from a warm salt stone massage with organic aromatherapy oils all working together for optimal balance and harmony.

Holistic Facial - 80 minutes $270
Take a more holistic look at your skin’s health by learning your unique Skin Personality. A thorough consultation will lead to a profound facial experience that will help reset the clock and bring ultimate balance back to your skin. Strengthen skin microbiome with Manuka honey while a probiotic-rich Kombucha mask drastically improves hydration. A detoxifying herbal facial steam leads the way for ultimate absorption of super potent vitamin-rich serums. Finish your Holistic Facial experience with a customized guide to Holistic Skin Care including ancient healing remedies and healthy lifestyle tips. See how the most beautiful you is achieved from within.


Sound + Healing - 25, 50 or 80 min., $80, $150 or $205
Sound healing is a gentle non-invasive therapeutic experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Tuning forks designed with ancient solfeggio frequencies and special gem-infused crystal bowls provide relaxation and deep healing on a cellular level. The pure resonating tones have been shown to help individuals remove energetic blockages, promote proper energy flow, repair DNA, and raise conscious awareness, leaving you very relaxed with a feeling of inner peace.