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Seasonal Salt of the Sea

Beginning on the date of the Spring Equinox, when all signs of nature begin to awaken from a restorative winter slumber. Spring is associated with the element of WOOD and represents growth of trees and the human body. Tree roots, trunk and limbs simultaneously grow upward, down and outward much like the spine and limbs of the human body. We incorporate massage techniques in accordance with the nature of WOOD and use blended essential oils comprised of sandalwood and spring budding plants to provide maximum assistance in this spring transition.

The Summer Solstice provides the longest amount of daylight and encourages all things in nature to flourish. The summer season is associated with the element of FIRE. Igniting the FIRE from within means to enliven our passion, creativity and personal growth. To balance the FIRE of this season, we include vigorous massage strokes in outward motion leading the energy to expand outward and an essential oil blend of uplifting lemon basil, rosemary and ginseng to support and bring forth our inner FIRE.

Late Summer
Commonly known as Indian Summer, this is the time of year when mother earth’s gifts are most abundant. This season is represented by the EARTH element. Although it is the shortest of the seasons, it is thought to be powerful and directly linked to the bounty of the EARTH. With special emphasis on the pathways of the processing organs of the body, this experience utilizes earthly gifts of Indian Summer in Maine to balance the shift from outward energy to introspection and restorative health behaviors through this season.

The Autumnal Equinox starts the season of harvest and gathering of nature’s gifts before winter rest. Autumn is a preparation season, a time to look inward and toward the root of our being. METAL is the element associated with this season that represents the iron ore deep within the earth and is significant to looking within ourselves. To help you transition through this season, we incorporate memorizing deep tones of a Tibetan bowl to bring inward peace and promote clarity.

The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the season of rest and replenishment and is identified with the element of WATER, the lifeblood of the planet. We celebrate the WATER of the deep blue sea in this seasonal experience with remineralization of the body with stone made from ancient sea salt and complementing oils that include marine extracts.

Seasonal Services: 50 or 80 min., $170 or $235