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Gorge Flyboarding

May - November

Skamania Lodge has partnered with Gorge Flyboarding for an exciting water adventure.  FlyBoarding is the ultimate water sport for the adrenaline junkie. Most people tend to get up on the board within 5 to 10 min on their first attempt at FlyBoarding. It’s actually very natural and intuitive, just like walking! It’s all in your balance.  The FlyBoard is an accessory that attaches to the jet discharge of a Personal Watercraft (PWC) and uses the jet discharge of the PWC to propel the device through the air and water.  Now realistically speaking, the FlyBoard is 1,000 gallons of water per minute, at over 60 PSI and almost 400 pounds lift of pure adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, eye catching fun! And no one brings the level of FlyBoard flight excitement quite like Gorge FlyBoard!

Classes from May - November.

Class Options

Individual Rates
-Single individual:  $129 for a 30 minute class.
-‘Intro to Flight’ class:  $258 for two people. Class lasts an hour.

Group Rates
-Party of four, the class is 2 hours long and costs $389.
-Party of eight, the class is 4 hours long and costs $689.

Class Location

Flyboarding classes take place at the Cascade Locks Marine Park.  Transportation to the park is not included in individual and group rates.


- All Participants must be at least 15 years old with parental permission and at least 100 lbs; Maximum weight is 350lbs.
- A group cannot exceed more than (8) Participants. Please contact us for a special request if you have more than eight.
- Only the exact number of flights for participants. Multiple people on the same flight will result in rescheduling and payment for any additional flyers.
- All flights are subject to a 24 hour non-negotiable cancellation fee. Any flights cancelled or scheduled beyond 24 hours before the flight will NOT be refunded! Severe weather cancellations will be rescheduled at the next available opening.

Reserve your Flyboarding adventure by calling the Lodge:  844-432-4748.

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