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Erin & Darin’s Wedding at Skamania Lodge

Erin and Darin were married on a beautiful early summer day at the Skamania Lodge Amphitheater followed by a reception in the Glacier Hall and Boulder Terrace surrounded by family and friends. Their wedding featured special touches which paid homage to Darin’s Scottish roots and Erin’s desire for untraditional elements.

We caught up with Erin a few weeks after the wedding to reflect on her special day and ask her a few questions about her experience with Skamania Lodge.

Why did you choose Skamania Lodge for your wedding venue?
Skamania Lodge has everything a bride could want; a beautiful venue, caring and considerate staff and food that is to die for!
What was your favorite moment of the day?
My favorite moment was walking out to the amphitheater to greet my future husband and being overwhelmed with serenity in realizing that regardless of how many people were around it felt like it was just the two of us sharing this special moment. Oh, that and the line dance done by 6 men in kilts….that was pretty great!
What traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day?
We had a very untraditional wedding; standing ceremony, wrote our own vows, kings table opposed to separate round tables. While we did incorporate some traditions like the garter toss and first dances, the best part about my experience was that Skamania was willing to work around my husband and I’s untraditional nature. It made the planning process much more fun to have people who consider it a challenge to accommodate your tastes!
What was the best tasting bite of the night?
Every bit of food was spectacular! It is so hard to pick a favorite but I have to say it was all great including the cupcakes made by a lovely friend of mine.
If you could sum up your day in three words what would those be?
Perfect…..absolutely perfect!
Do you have any advice for a Skamania Lodge bride to be?
Regardless of how many photographers you have and pictures you take, don’t forget to stop and take those ‘mental pictures’. A glance at your bridesmaids laughing together, the groomsmen deep in conversation about who knows what, the way the breeze dances through the lawn, all of the people who came for you….such special moments that you don’t want to miss out on while they are happening.
Also, remember that mistakes can happen and that things might not go exactly as they are supposed to. Don’t let that small detail ruin the experience. My husband was my best piece of mind during the planning phase by telling me that in the end, they are all just details and nothing changes the fact that the whole day….was all about us.
What does the future hold for Mr. and Mrs. MacRae?
Our future is sure to hold love and laughter, trips around the world and movie nights on the couch, days that we fight and days that we snuggle….Most importantly the future is us together taking it one day at a time. 

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