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Cassie & Zack’s Fourth of July Wedding

What’s better than Fourth of July at Skamania Lodge? Celebrating Fourth of July with family and friends as you marry the love of your life. That is exactly what Cassie & Zack did on a beautiful Saturday evening at the Skamania Lodge Amphitheater. Their wedding featured unconventional details and a community fireworks display which could be seen from the Lodge at dusk.

We caught up with Cassie after she returned from her honeymoon in Hawaii to ask her a few questions about her celebration at Skamania Lodge.

Why did you choose Skamania Lodge for your wedding venue?
We chose Skamania Lodge for our wedding venue because it was one of very few places that met all of our criteria:
· Beautiful grounds and views
· Overnight accommodations
· All inclusive food/set up and tear down - we didn't want any time constraints or worries about vacating a space
Skamania Lodge was the perfect venue! 
What was your favorite moment of the day?
My favorite moment of the day was walking back up the aisle with my new husband.  Because we were married in the evening on the Fourth of July many lodge guests had set up blankets on the lawn in anticipation of fireworks.  As we walked up the aisle we found the crowd of people on their feet.  They whooped and whistle and clapped and cheered congratulations as we walked past. That was one of those great moments that we couldn't have anticipated but so appreciated. 
What traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day?
I am sure we incorporated some traditions but those weren't my favorite details. I liked the things we did that were unconventional, such as, walking alone most of the way down the aisle but having my soon to be husband meet me at the top of the amphitheater stairs so he could escort me on his arm the rest of the way.  I liked that we decided to forego the bridal party and have our close friend officiate, it made for a sweet and intimate ceremony.  I loved that we had a fireworks show as part of our reception and as such had half our reception outdoors and the remaining half indoors.  No matter what I had in mind, Skamania staff worked to bring my vision of my wedding day into a reality.
What was the best tasting bite of the night?
As is so often the case, my groom and I were too busy to eat during dinner so I asked a member of the staff to make a plate for my husband and myself and have it delivered to our room. We had a lovely picnic at 2 a.m. and even cold the ribs, fresh fruit, baked beans, and other tasty eats were amazing! And we especially enjoyed the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries we found waiting for us in our room. 
If you could sum up your day in three words what would those be?
Exceeded all expectations.
Do you have any advice for a Skamania Lodge bride to be?
Laugh and delegate, delegate, delegate.
What does the future hold for Mr. and Mrs. Steele?
A lifetime of adventure.

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