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Hole #1: Outward Bound

Favor the left side of this fairway as the influence of the hills and the slope of the fairway will tend to send your ball bounding to the right. One extra club may be needed for the approach shot as this hole is slightly uphill from 150 yards on in. We wish you luck as you begin your challenge of Skamania Lodge! Par 4; Handicap 2

Hole #2: Foster Creek

Don't be fooled by the yardage on the scorecard. This hole, with Foster Creek lurking in the trees to the left, demands accuracy off the tee. A successful tee shot will reap great rewards and offer a good chance for a birdie. Par 4; Handicap 8

Hole #3: Gobbler's Knob

Not quite as easy as it looks! Check the treetops for wind direction because many good shots are blown off line. The bowl-shaped green, protected by the knobby boulder in the front right, is very friendly. However, close shots to the pin are rare! Par 3; Handicap 18

Hole #4: Gorge(ous) Point

One of our signature holes! Admire the view, but beware of the infamous Columbia gorge winds that will once again blow your shots off line. A strong drive will get you close to the green (worth the risk!?!) but a smart play is to lay up short of the hazard on the right and the bunkers on the left, leaving a short iron approach. Par 4; Handicap 12

Hole #5: The Sentinel

A good target is the large snag guarding the middle of the fairway. (Tell yourself that you hit a good shot if you actually hit the tree!) The landing area is actually quite large, and leaves a short iron approach shot. Par 4; Handicap 14

Hole #6: Deception

Swirling winds can make this deceptively easy looking hole a bear. Club selection is very important, as you'll notice it's quite a drop from the tee. All in all, a shot that lands on the green is really very good! Par 3; Handicap 16

Hole #7: Windy Ridge

Second shot should favor the left side to open up your approach to the green. Once on the green, take a minute to admire the grandeur of the Gorge, with wind Mountain in the background. Par 5; Handicap 4

Hole #8: Eagle's Rest

You're not home yet! This par 3 requires steady nerves and a smooth swing to reach the green perched on the side of the hill. Take one or two clubs extra, but be sure you are below the hole. The adventure only just begins on the green as the undulations will challenge even the most skilled putters. Par 3; Handicap 6

Hole #9: Distraction

This straightforward par 4 allows for a strong finish to the front nine, if you can avoid being distracted by the views on the right and the yummy smells coming from our Lodge kitchen on the left! The distance on your approach shot needs to be accurate as this is our deepest green at 40 yards. Be sure to replenish your strength with a sandwich and beverage from our Greenside Grille at the turn. Par 4; Handicap 10

Hole #10: Lewis And Clark

Take inspiration from historical explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as you venture out once again. Favor the left side of this fairway to open up your approach to the green. The ideal landing area is about 200-225 yards out, and will leave you a short iron approach. Par 4; Handicap 13

Hole #11: Table Mountain

An accurate tee shot is a must, and a good target is Table Mountain framed behind the green. Take one or two clubs extra for your approach to this elevated green, but beware, don't go beyond the pin! Par 4: Handicap 3

Hole #12: Lilly Pad

Another one of our signature holes! Ideal tee shot is over and down the hill, slightly favoring the left side. Don't get too greedy on your approach shot as this green is protected by Lilly Pad Lake on the right. Par 4; Handicap 9

Hole #13: Summit

This most demanding par 5 offers no relief until the ball is holed. Uphill all the way, this hole requires three well-hit shots to reach the green, the highest point on the course. Be sure to check the pin placement as this green is very deep at 39 yards. Par 5; Handicap 5

Hole #14: Waterfall

As you might expect, this hole is steep! Either lay up on top of the hill 150 yards from the green, or knock it down the hill with a long iron or wood leaving a short approach shot. Beware of the creek guarding the front of the green. Par 4; Handicap 11

Hole #15: Wy'East

Happy Birthday! This short par 3 is a gift compared to the rest. Plays slightly shorter because of the elevated tee. Hopefully Wy'East Lake won't come into play for your tee shot, but if it does, watch out for the turtles that like to sun themselves along the shore. They are very territorial! Par 3; Handicap 17

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Celebration is over. The only place to miss this green is short. Watch for resident osprey soaring overhead, but birdies rarely fly on this tough par 3. Par 3; Handicap 15

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard
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Toughest hole on the course. This long slightly uphill par 4 is no mystery, it just requires a good drive and a solid second shot. Keep your eyes peeled as you play; you just may spot the area's most notorious forest dweller, Sasquatch. Par 4; Handicap 1

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard
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This double dogleg par 5 is rarely man's best friend. A strong finish to what we hope was a great day, this hole requires accuracy from tee to green to avoid finding the huckleberry bushes. Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee to open up your second shot. Welcome home! Par 5; Handicap 7

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard

View and Download Skamania Lodge Golf Course Scorecard

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