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COVID-19 Travel Updates: Learn about our recent changes >

  • Face masks or coverings may be required in all public areas at Hyatt hotels Learn more

    COVID-19 Travel Updates: Learn about our recent changes >

    • Face masks or coverings may be required in all public areas at Hyatt hotels Learn more
    • Our Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment focusing on safety and wellbeing
    • Rates with cancellation flexibility for existing reservations and future travel

    SENSE the Destination

    SENSE the Destination serves as a multi-dimensional offering extended to every guest at every Destination by Hyatt property. The program is complimentary and custom designed to enhance your stay by engaging your five senses. Taste, see, smell, hear and touch your way to a new discovery.

    Use #SENSEtheDestination to connect with other travelers taking a journey through the five senses.

    Maple and Pine_poached lobster


    Salty, sweet, sour or bitter – delight in a piece of your destination. Indulge in an explosion of peppers and cheeses in your omelet that’s crisp along the edges but perfectly fluffy on the inside. Feeling adventurous? Try an unconventional dish that radiates the vibrancy of spring with a hint of pecans and fragrant flower garnishes.

    • Celebrate Mardi Gras everyday with rich King Cake at Royal St. Charles Hotel
    • Take a swig of Charleston culture, with Wild Dunes’ Heritage Happy Hour
    • Guzzle Texas Sweet Tea while staying at Hotel Derek
    Stowe Mountain Resort Gondola


    Visualize your next adventure. Watch the sunset fill the sky with deep hues of rubies and amethyst, setting the clouds ablaze. Marvel at the endless, mountainous landscape as you ride down the lift after a ski adventure.

    • Hike with Spruce Peak Outfitters for views of the Vermont mountains
    • Stroll across Manor Vail Lodge bridge for botanical sights of Betty Ford Gardens
    • Climb SkySpire Tower for a 70-foot birds eye view of San Diego with Paradise Point Resort



    Your sense of smell is directly linked with memory. Remember the smell of your wine’s chocolate undertones and mellow tannins after a long day at the spa.  Enjoy the blissfully scented lobbies and hallways leading to your suite after checking in.

    • Breathe in warm summer air after an evening thunderstorm at Stonebridge Inn
    • Bottle the essence of the Lowcountry with local salts at Wild Dunes Resort
    • Experience intoxicating citrus blossoms in Tempe Mission Palms’ courtyard


    Hawaiian conch shell blowers


    Hearing enhances our ability to work, communicate and socialize. Hear the waves crashing along the shore they glisten and dance alongside the skyline. Notice the rustle of the palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

    • Listen to the ceremonious conch call at Destination Resorts Hawaii
    • Find a moment of solitude along L’Auberge Del Mar’s secluded path
    • Listen to the calls of 180 species of birds at Suncadia Resort


    Destination_Activity_Surfing High Five


    From temperature to texture, your sense of touch gathers millions of bits of information from your surroundings without you even realizing it. Run your fingers along the soft seagrass sprouting alongside Wild Dunes’ beach. After a long day, slip into the fuzzy, warm robe hanging in your closet.

    • Leave a piece of Motif gum as your mark on a Seattle landmark, The Gum Wall
    • Slip off your shoes and feel the sand at Paradise Point Resort
    • Capture lifetime memories by snapping a photo at Rizzo Center’s graffiti wall


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