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HOLISTIC HEALING MASSAGE 50 min $169 | 80 min $219
Our exclusive blend of therapies incorporates Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Himalayan Hot Stones, which are all perfect for someone suffering from stress, fatigue, cancer, or any chronic illness. Light in pressure, this treatment uses long strokes to encourage lymphatic flow and is designed to support and nourish the “whole” person by reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit. 

Put your cranial rhythm back in balance with a compression holds and gentle touch to release the facial restrictions and help you unwind from deep within. This is the perfect treatment to experience the healing therapy of energy work. This treatment is especially beneficial for chronic neck and back pain, migraines, and TMJ syndrome. 

HIMALAYAN STONE MASSAGE  50 min $169 | 80 min $219 
Relieve chronic pain or just slip away peacefully with our warm Himalayan Stone Massage. Providing a comfortable heat that penetrates deep into the muscles and promotes healing deep below the surface. Bring serenity and healing by melting away knots and years of muscle abuse.

In your Holistic Nutrition Consultation, our holistic nutrition specialist will assess your current health and nutrition status by discussing your medical history, diet, activity, food patterns and preferences. With this information we will discuss a comprehensive action plan based on your health and nutrition goals.

DEEP TISSUE THERAPEUTIC 50 min $169 | 80 min $219 
Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and heat building techniques to target stress areas, to reach deeper layers. This massage is good for relieving aches and pains of overworked injured muscles. For an all-around transformational experience. 

LUNA SAMPLER 80 min $209 
You can have it all with this signature massage that combines our relaxing Moon Light Massage with our Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage. Immersed with blissful Aromatherapy and a warm Apricot Oil Scalp Massage. This sampler treatment is sure to send you to your happy place.

MOTHER-TO-BEE 50 min $169
This prenatal massage offers relief from pressure and discomfort in the lower back, hips, shoulders, legs and feet. With our Bee Inspired Baby Oil, this treatment will be sure to assist in promoting circulation and overall wellness. *Note: This massage is not offered during your first trimester. 

MOONLIGHT MASSAGE 50 min $159 | 80 min $209 
Rejuvenate a tired mind and body with a massage that is sure to send you to the moon. The use of light to moderate pressure enhances this Swedish-influenced massage, transporting you to a place of calm inner peace and serenity.

REFLEXOLOGY 50 min $169 
Revitalize your hands and feet and give them a treat by relieving tension with our Beespa Hand and Foot Cream. This treatment will focus on pressure points using specific thumb and finger techniques to better stimulate and balance your body’s systems. 

FIRE & ICE 50 min $179 | 80 min $219
Combine the warmth of CBD and peppermint oil in a full-body massage that delivers pain relief and reduces inflammation. Deep muscle and fascia release also helps injury treatment, pain relief and skin hydration. By combining nature’s remedy with skilled massage techniques, CBD massage is a holistic way to heal and treat your body and mind. 

RESTORATIVE SPORTS MASSAGE 50 min $169 | 80 min $209 
Using the specially formulated Dr. Bob’s Medicated Oil, combined with our Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage and athletic stretching techniques. This treatment is sure to restore and repair any overworked muscles and is also great for releasing any lactic acid from the body and relieving the ache and discomfort of sore muscles. 

NECK, BACK & SHOULDERS 25 min $89 | 50 min $169 
Treat your neck, back and shoulders to all of the benefits of a Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage with the help of our Percussive Therapy that specializes in deep-muscle treatment. Followed up with peppermint essential oil for a refreshing finish.

SCALP MASSAGE 25 min $89 
Rest your head in the clouds with this pillow-like scalp massage using sk illful techniques, designed to relax the mind and the muscles to create an escape without leaving the room. *Note: Can be a warm oil massage or oil free massage. 

JET LAG 25 min $89 
Get your balance and circulation back while enjoying our specialty Jet Lag Massage. This treatment will focus the lower legs and feet. Soothing honey heal glaze treatment and refreshing peppermint oil, will leave your feet ready to explore. 

LUNA FOR TWO 50 min $179 | 80 min $229 
Celebrate a birthday or an anniversary by enjoy quality bonding time with your loved one, a family member, or even a best friend. Whatever the occasion may be, make your time together memorable. Each individual can select their massage of choice: Moonlight Massage, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, or Hot Stone. *Note: Pricing is per person.




• Hand and Foot Paraffin $49

• Hand and Foot Scrub $49

• Reflexology $79 • Scalp Massage $79



• Aromatherapy Oil $9

• Hand or Foot Paraffin $29

• Hand or Foot Scrub $29

• Hot or Cold Stones $29

• Honey Heel Glaze $29

• CBD Oil $29

• Dry Brushing $49

• Gua Sha $49

• Cupping $49

• Percussive Therapy $29

• LED for Back Pain $49




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