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Perfecting Your Golf Swing | Hotel Search

When planning your golf trip to Arizona, run a hotel search that includes high-end golf resorts and you will certainly find The Scottsdale Resort among your top results. Choose our resort and you will be treated to the finest amenities available anywhere in the world including spectacular golf at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club.

Adjacent to our resort, the McCormick Ranch Golf Club offers both scenic and challenging holes for golfers of all levels.

Golf is All in Your Head

Like many of our guests, you may not play golf as often as you would like, so if you want to maximize your trip to The Scottsdale Resort, remember what Ben Hogan famously said: “Golf is mainly played on a five and a half inch course, the space between your ears.” Whether you play in temps in the 70s or the 100s, you will benefit from these three tips to help you play your best.

Golf Tips to Make Your Trip Even More Enjoyable

Low, slow and smooth. The most important part of your swing is in the takeaway. Keep your club low to the ground, draw it back on a straight line and keep your takeaway slow and smooth.

Waltz tempo works best. As you prepare for your next shot, hum the skaters waltz to yourself and keep that tempo in your mind during the swing process. You will be amazed at the results.

Keep your head steady and follow through with your hands to the target. This works for all your shots and is especially beneficial on the greens. Listening for your ball to drop in the cup rather than looking up to see where it is going will work wonders for your short game.

The Scottsdale Resort’s Signature Touchpoints

After your golf game, you may want to head back to the hotel and search for something relaxing to do. You may want to stop at our lobby before heading to your room and explore our Signature Touch Points—Destination Suitcase, Destination Discovery and Destination Taste—all designed to deliver memorable experiences. Relax in the spa, enjoy inspired cuisine or take advantage of the many cultural opportunities in and around Scottsdale.

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