Royal St. Charles

Mardi Gras 2018

The Royal St. Charles is the perfect home base for your Mardi Gras fun. We're located right on one of the major parade routes and get to watch the festivities from our front door. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


January 27

Krew du Vieux Parade - 6:30pm
Krewe Delusion - follows

January 28

King Cake Festival


February 2

Krewe of Cork - 3:00pm
Krewe of Oshun - 6:00pm
Krewe of Cleopatra - 6:30pm

February 3

Krewe of Pontchartrain - 1:00pm
Krewe of Choctaw - follows
Krewe of Freret - follows
Knights of Sparta - 6:00pm
Krewe of Pygmallion - follows
'tit Rex (Marigny) - 5:00pm

February 4

Krewe of Femme Fatale - 11:00am
Krewe of Carrollton - follows
Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin - follows
Krewe of Alla - follows
Krewe of Barkus (French Quarter) - 2:00pm

February 7

Krewe of Druids - 6:30pm
Krewe of Nyx - 7:00pm

February 8

Knights of Babylon - 5:30pm
Knights of Chaos - 6:15pm
Krewe of Muses - 6:30pm

February 9

Krewe of Hermes - 6:00pm
Krewe d'Etat - 6:30pm
Krewe of Morpheus - 7:00pm

February 10

Krewe of Iris - 11:00am
Krewe of Tucks - 12:00pm
Krewe of Endymion (Mid-City) - 4:15pm
Krewe of Isis (Metairie) - 6:30pm

February 11

Krewe of Okeanos - 11:00am
Krewe of Mid-City - 11:45am
Krewe of Thoth - 12:00pm
Krewe of Bacchus - 5:15pm
Krewe of Athena (Metairie) - 5:30pm

February 12

Krewe of Proteus - 5:15pm
Krewe of Orpheus - 6:00pm

February 13

Krewe of Zulu - 8:00am
Krewe of Rex - 10:00am
Krewe of Elks Orleans - follows
Krewe of Crescent City - follows

shutterstock_101052829 (1) King Cake
Royal St. Charles Hotel Positioned on the parade routes
Royal St. Charles Hotels Mardi Gras vibes
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