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French Quarter at Night


After confirming your arrival, you’re invited to pack a digital discovery suitcase with local and on-property activities. Upon your arrival, unpack your digital suitcase and begin your exploration of New Orleans and the surrounding culture.

Pack your sunscreen and eye protection for those days out on the swamp tour boat and Mississippi River Steamboat cruise.

Umbrella and Rainboots

Every day during the summer it rains for about a half an hour.  But don't let it rain on your parade, after all it's only water! You can tour one of the many museums or plantation homes if stomping around Bourbon Street in the rain puddles is not your idea of fun.

Green Umbrella And Yellow Rain Boots

New Orleans begs to have her picture taken at every turn.  There is no shortage of visual inspiration that makes you want to capture the moment from the Mighty Mississippi River to the European Architecture, gardens & courtyards, majestic costumes, your plate of perfectly presented food from a world famous chef, and last but not least the fascinating people!

Walking Shoes

New Orleans is one of the most walkable cities in America.  Although there are other options such as the trolley (street) car, pedicabs, taxis, horse and carriage ride, you will still definitely get your exercise in from walking!  Bring comfortable shoes that will protect you from those uneven streets that the "City that Care Forgot" is well known for.

walking shoes
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