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Rizzo Pergola High View

Destination Earth

No More Styrofoam
All Styrofoam cups have been eliminated from the property.

Water Conservation
Laundry and dish washing machines operate at 100% capacity. 100% of faucets, toilets and showerheads produce low flow water. Re-use cards for towels and linens are placed in every guestroom.

Sustainable Food Practices
Organic herbs are grown on property grounds and used in the cuisines. 40% of menu items are either organic or locally grown. Surplus food from breaks and meals is donated to a local food shelter. Leftover food is composted along with paper cups and plates.

Reducing Waste from Meetings
All meeting rooms have water bottle re-use cards instructing participants to indicate if they want to keep their bottle when the staff refreshes for lunch. At the end of the day the staff recycles all leftover glass and plastic bottles. All meeting rooms are also equipped with paper recycling bins.

Incandescent lighting has been replaced with florescent bulbs in guestrooms, common areas, meeting spaces and offices.

Rizzo purchases recycled service and office paper products. In addition, we recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, cans and bottles. Toner and ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturers for recycling.

Air Quality
Rizzo Center is a non-smoking facility.

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