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Wedding Pantone Color Choices of the Year

After all the excitement of saying “yes” and showing off that shiny brand-spanking new engagement ring, newly engaged couples can’t help but race through a montage of ideas, questions and thoughts about the big day! Ideas as complicated as who’s included in the wedding party to will annoying Cousin Amy make the cut? Or thoughts as simple as deciding which season the wedding will take place. Then there are those in between questions… the details couples think are a no brainers, but end up causing the most stress.

What are the wedding colors? At first glance, seems like a harmless question. I’ll choose my favorite color, yellow! But wait, we’re having a fall wedding. Is yellow a fall color? Will my wedding party look good in yellow? Wait…didn’t Cousin Amy use yellow in her wedding two years ago? Is yellow even one of my favorite colors any more…? A tireless example of how the mind can go from complete color confidence to calling off the wedding just so the options can cease!

Have no fear for the Wedding Pantone color choices of 2016 are here! Recent wedding trends showed Rose Quartz Pink and Serenity Blue are this year’s popular choices. At Quirk Hotel, we can’t help but be a little bias towards the Rose Quartz Pink considering pink is one of our signature colors. In all honesty, we enjoy every spectrum of color our wedding parties bring through our doors! Spring is around the corner allowing for several color directions including pastels and softer hues. Incorporating Rose Quartz or Serenity Blue is an easy way to bring a romantic and fun vibe to your special day. On the other hand, if you want to make a statement, spring also begs for bright and vibrant shades like a pop of cherry red or sunset orange for a little more dynamic ambiance.  

Selecting colors doesn’t have to be a headache. Instead view it as a fun way to express your character! Whether you decide to please the masses and pick a color that compliments your bridal party or completely mix and match where no two colors are the same! Regardless of what you decide, your color choices should represent your personality- just use your heart and turn having endless options from overwhelming into a fun advantage in planning your beautiful day!

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