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The Perfect Groomsmen Gift

A Quick and Easy Guide

A groomsmen gift is the best way to say “thank you for being a part of my life and standing with me on my big day.” 

It’s also a way to acknowledge that your friends and family have been there for some of your best memories and you want them there on the day when you start the next big phase in your life. It’s also easy to screw up, so we put together this easy guide to make your pals feel appreciated.

The Old Standard – Booze is probably the easiest gift for groomsmen. Personalize the spirits to your location and your buddies. Getting married at Quirk? Give your groomsmen a bottle of locally produced Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine. Include an engraved flask to mark the occasion (if your wedding party are outdoorsy types, give them the locally made Appalachian Sidearm Flask from Shine Craft Vessel Co.).

The Man Package – Put together a collection of locally sourced goods. Roaring Pines, here in Richmond, is a soda fountain and sundry store that carries goods made in the USA. Stock one of their wire baskets with a Campfire Candle from Square Trade Goods, the Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set sold in Quirk Gallery and a handsome leather wallet from Awl Snap. Personalize the basket and wallet with the date and a quick thank you.

The Practical, The Awesome – A Leatherman Multitool should be the de facto groomsmen gift for grooms everywhere who don’t know what to buy. They offer a range of items from as little as $23 up to tactical-looking items north of $150. They can be engraved and pretty much every human should own one. It’s a gift that groomsmen who don’t know they want one will use daily and those who already own one will be delighted to get a spare for the car, office or toolbox.

Beer, Subscriptions, Gifts That Keep Giving – Know your audience. Have a group of hop loving craft beer geeks in your party? Sign them up for a beer of the month club or send them on a beer tour in their city. Are your groomsmen a little on the nerdy side? Get them a Loot Crate subscription. These gifts that show up on a monthly basis are also nice for out of town party members who don’t want to keep track of a gift after the rehearsal dinner.

No matter what gift you decide on, make it as personal as possible. Remember you’re thanking your friends and family for being there. Also remember it’s your big day and don’t sweat it too much, they’re going to be happy to watch you say “I do” no matter what.

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