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Spring Is Right Around The Corner

We’re almost there! Spring is right around the corner and the long rainy winter is finally coming to a close here in RVA. In celebration, Richmond has put together a plethora of fun activities to raise our spirits in preparation for the warm weather. It’s time to get excited, breakout some lighter clothes, but not too light - we’re still warming up here, and head out to the city.

Virginia Wine Expo, Feb 26 – March 3rd: I shouldn’t have to say anything after “endless wine” but I digress! Held in Main Street Station, easily one of Richmond’s most beautiful venues. This expo is so much more then hundreds of different wines. Depending on the package you get and the day you go, there’s going to be local oysters, cigars to pair with your spirits or wine along with some of our favorite local cuisine. Of course, the whole experience Is educational you’ll be learning about all sorts of wines and what to pair with them weather it be culinary or something a little smokier.

Shamrock the Block, March 16: The official start to outdoor festival season in RVA! Shamrock the Block is on it’s 14th year in Richmond and never fails at reigning in spring. This massive event usually attracts over 20,000 people and is complete with live music, countless food trucks, absolutely no shortage of booze, and the cutest shops filled with all the knickknacks your heart desires. Located on the Boulevard between Leigh and Broad Street and staged from 12pm to 6pm this year.
River City Food Tours, Every Saturday: We have a billion and one restaurants, a complete culinary jungle, so why not hire some expert navigators who can give you a little taste of everything in the section of the city of your choosing whether it be Carytown, Churchill, or our very own Art’s District. Tickets are $56 per tour and last about 3 hours, but try and book in advance if you can, tickets usually sell out closer to the tour date.

These are just the highlights! Never in Richmond’s recent history has there been a shortage of things to do. Before you visit be sure to check out RVA’s event page on Facebook there you’ll find an extensive list of all we have to offer.

There is no better place to celebrate the end of winter then Richmond and we are so excited to host your March vacation/staycation!

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