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Maple & Pine Fall Menu Items

Seasonal Winter Dishes by Chef Dunlap

Executive Chef Dave Dunlap of Maple and Pine Restaurant shared some insight into Beets and why they are such a prominent menu item this winter. 

One of the first ingredient’s I think of during the winter is Beets. Culinary speaking, beets are one of the most versatile vegetables. They can be used in Sweet or savory recipes. You can bake, puree and pickle them to name a few of their preparation methods. Beets can also be turned into crispy chips as a tasty alternative to potato chips. Beets are not only packed with vitamins and minerals but have also been used to aid many diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

 At Maple and Pine we use beets year round but they get the most use in the winter time. Currently we have a salad of beet variations. Some of the variations in the salad include, a savory mousse made from pureed roasted ruby beets, orange juice, cream and gelatin. golden beets that have been pickled using orange juice, Vinegar, water and tarragon. Whole roasted baby Chioggia beets and thinly sliced raw Chioggia beets.

 For me beets are best paired with things that are salty or acidic to counter the natural sweetness of the beets i.e. Blue Cheese, vinegar, roasted and salted nuts, and citrus to name a few. 

 Head on over to Maple and Pine to savor Chef Dunlap's beet creations! 

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