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Quirk started off as a department store in Richmond, VA

Learn about Quirk's connection to department stores

“Why did you ruin perfectly good shirts by cutting off all the collars?”

It’s a question we hear a lot at Quirk. A lot of guests think the collars displayed in glass behind the check-in counter are another work of art. They are…but they’re also a nod to our history as J. B. Mosby men’s department store starting in 1916 when our building as built.

Back in the day, collars and cuffs were sold separately from the shirt. You must be thinking “how elegant and convenient to be able to essentially build your own shirt!” You’re absolutely right but that had nothing to do with why shirts were designed that way. 

It’s actually a little more complicated. Very stiff collars were in fashion and washing an entire shirt was a lot harder then. Collars and Cuffs were the most visible and most likely to get dirty. So sometime in the early 19th century shirt makers started detaching these parts, giving you the ability to wash them without having to wash the whole shirt. 

We decided to mirror this history, and our history as a men’s clothing shop, and showcase shirt collars in our display case! 

To really tie the whole theme together we took wood from the original department store and used it to build the shelves they sit on. 

We couldn’t have done any of this without help from our friends and neighbors at Ledbury. Ledbury, just a few feet down Broad street from the hotel, make some of the finest men’s shirts and clothing available. 

Their airy space is filled with historical suit and shirting patterns (you’ll definitely see some names you recognize). Ledbury sells off the rack items like shirts, trousers and suits. But, if you really want to get the full experience, their flagship outpost in Richmond offers a truly bespoke experience. The pros at Ledbury will help you design a shirt or suit that is made just for you.

We love Ledbury so much that we’re offering guests who stay with us a $50 gift card per stay.

Ledbury, Quirk Hotel and Richmond are all about history and creating your own unique experience. We’re excited to see you, for you to see our city and for you to meet our friends.. 
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