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Off The Beaten Road: A Local's Guide To Richmond

There are oh so many places to experience here in the capital of the south. However, we are diverging from the mainstream, and skipping around a few lesser known ponds throughout the Richmond scene. Today we are going beyond what you can find from a simple Google search to focus on the local favorites.

Church Hill Overlook: Located at approximately 2112-2198 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23223 marked by just a single bench at the conclusion of a dead-end road. This well-kept secret amongst locals is hands-down the best view of Richmond. The ideal spot for a picnic and the ultimate picture at night – one that is well worth the hunt. 

Tuckahoe Plantation: Thomas Jefferson’s childhood home and the permanent home of a few ghosts. The historical factor of Thomas Jefferson’s version of Monticello alone is enough to incentivize the 25-minute drive from Richmond. No worries if you are not a history buff though, it’s also a hotspot for ghost hunters. That’s right! The #1 most haunted place in Richmond, if you’re brave enough, check it out. 

James River Park Pipeline Parkway/ Belle Isle: Call it “the river,” Richmond’s most popular body of water and the pipeline is the most scenic way of getting there. Although, the general area “Belle Isle” is not limited to beautiful hiking trails and scenery that rivals the city’s views. There are plenty places to rock climb, run, explore, or swim. The best part though is finding the biggest rock to spread out on and get your tan on.

Hollywood Cemetery: Another very, very haunted place. Hollywood cemetery is a must see for ghost hunters and history lovers alike. So many famous people are buried in this beautiful land just above the James River, to name a few: ex confederate president Jefferson Davis, former President John Tyler, and even James Madison. You must see it yourself to understand why such influential historical figures wanted to be buried there. In summary, the land resonates such a peaceful energy… until the ghosts come out.

Mural Tours: Richmond is kind of known for murals with a record breaking 100+ outdoor exhibits. There are so many to see, spread all over town, that we highly encourage you find a tour. Our personal favorite is Kayla Diggs-Brody and she begins her tours right outside the hotel at the Maggie Walker Statue. From the statue she’ll take you through all the murals around Jackson Ward and give you the works on every installment and their respective artists, including our very own mural behind the hotel next to the rooftop door. 

The Vail: For serious beer nerds or people who can simply appreciate a well-crafted beer, one of the best breweries in the city. They have a plethora of unique seasonal beers; great beer in general that never disappoint. However, it’s just one among many: Triple Crossing or Stone Brewery, just to name a couple runners-up. No matter where you choose nothing really compares to a local beer on a warm day.

Honestly, options are endless in Richmond. You can choose a general area to simply explore and you’ll undoubtedly find something to spark adventure. Whether it’s the museum district, Scott’s Addition, or The Fan you’ll find a museum, a great place to eat, or beautiful architecture. Especially now that the temperature is getting to that perfect 72 region, there’s genuinely no better time to go outside and have an adventure. 

Stay tuned for our Rooftops grand reopening (hint: less then a month)!!!



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