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Eric Yevak at Quirk Gallery Richmond

Eric Yevak

On Show at Quirk Gallery Through November 14

Eric Yevak is a Southern born multi-media artist who currently splits his time between Brooklyn, NY and working on his Masters of Fine Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007. Yevak’s paintings, films, and sound performances have been exhibited in galleries, museums, and institutions across North America.

Yevak’s work explores violent conflict, both physical and metaphorical, as creative force. Struggle, in all it’s iterations, has been a constant in his life and as such, the foundation of his creative production. He conceptually and visually investigates the beauty inherent in the heightened balance that exists at the apex of a conflict. His interest lies neither in the beginning nor the aftermath, but in the pinnacle moment when, however briefly, all forces are equal.

Yevak’s work evokes meditative qualities that war between logical systematic progression and rebellion. The work is a belief in struggle as a form of enlightenment. He cultivates a sense of surface, texture, and tone. His pieces act as visual solutions to his own curiosities and meditations on the concept of purity in conflict.

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