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Love is in the air!

Love is in the air, engagement season is in full swing, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and wedding dates are approaching fast. Inherently, with weddings comes stress, so we have enlisted our very own Melissa Vine, Wedding Extraordinaire, to give us the best tips and tricks on how to keep the biggest day of your life stress-free and love-focused. 
Whether or not you choose our lovely establishment, everyone deserves a fairytale wedding.

From Melissa Vine who has seen at least a hundred weddings here at the Quirk:
 For the Newly Engaged tips for Venue Searching:

“What information should I have ready when I call venues?”
Each venue will require three things:
-  Your planned wedding date or three dates you may be considering
-  Total amount of guests your anticipating attending
-  If you are interested in hosting both ceremony and reception or simply just one of the two

 “We are so excited to see the venue, when can we come for a tour?”
Venues are excited to meet you, too, and it’s a great idea to review costs associated with the venue to ensure they would be a viable fit. Talk with the venue about your vision and get a cost estimate through a custom proposal. Should the proposal fit your outlook of your wedding day, then it would be the perfect time to request a tour of the hotel. Most people don’t like blind dating, don’t waste your gas or time blindly touring!

What should we ask when we come visit for a tour?
Your venue should walk you through the space as if it is your wedding day. Now that you have your proposal you can ask more informed and visual questions and begin pre-planning the most important day to come. Touring venues with their wedding packages and your custom proposal are the best way to envision your perfect day and ensure you’re asking the right questions.

You love a venue but your nervous they don’t have your dream date, what do you do?
Give them a call! At Quirk Hotel, if we have the date available we can pull off a wedding as quick as in 2 week or as many as 2 years!

Top three things to ask a venue after I get a proposal?
-What’s included in this pricing? (Rentals and other miscellaneous items can really increase your cost!)
-Do you offer full planning services or only venue planning? (Every venue is different, but having a professional planner on your side never hurts!
-What don’t you allow for wedding ceremony and reception? Some venues have restrictions that others might and your water foundation idea might not be possible.
A guide is never complete without a day of instructions:
 Day of Tricks and Tips:
-Preparation is key! The day of your wedding is going to go by so quickly, so remember...
-Have snacks and water for everyone in your wedding party to munch on during the day of your wedding.
-Give non-wedding party family/ friends who are reliable duties; like bring snacks, champagne, to make sure the small important details are handled while you’re transforming into your wedding day magic.
-Have at least a month of planning (full planner recommended), they are going to be your back up to ensure your day goes smoothly and less stressful as possible.
-Schedule 30 minutes for yourself to breathe and decompress.
-Laugh, smile and try to take in every moment!

-Wedding tips
-Please eat! Couples time and time again pay for meals they do not actually get to eat. Many venues in cities are not allowed to pack up food to go due to the health code and you’ll need the energy to dance the night away!
-Remember feed your vendors, whether it is a sandwich or the meal that everyone else is eating.
-Your Cocktail hour will be your only semi-alone-time (plus your photographer) together as a couple, breathe in that moment together as it’s your first as a married couple.
-Your family and friends will all want your time that day, if you have a strict schedule let them know you’ll see them during the reception and remind them to hit the photo booth.
-HAVE FUN, what’s the point of having this huge event and not having fun!

-Planning Tips:
-DIY can save you money. Remember to plan out your projects in advance and stick to those times, creating those items take a lot more time than you think. Last thing you want is to be putting together your wedding favors the day of the wedding (SO STRESSFUL)!
-GET A PLANNER, they are worth the money. There are planners for every price range and they truly take away the day-off stress so you can fully enjoy the experience.
-Vendors should be business owners with liability insurance. Cousin Sarah taking your wedding photos will save you money, but she is likely not trained to shoot wedding and might miss your important moments. Also if they don’t show up due to random life events, they don’t have an assistant or back up like a true professional.
-Plan your Budget. Here is a great article on how to create a budget (Here Comes the Guide- Budget HELP!)
During this beautiful milestone in your life, you cannot forget to have FUN! It’s a celebration of love, make sure it’s all about you and your significant other. With a little faith, trust, and the advice of a wedding extraordinaire your wedding will be unforgettable and the magical event it should be.

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