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Plants of Paradise: Strawberry Trees, Hibiscus & More!

Beyond downtown San Diego’s skyscrapers, several coastal beaches and miles of North County greenery sits the exotic island thoughtfully known as Paradise Point.

Paradise Point’s 44-acre island is home to over 600 types of plants, with over a dozen medicinal, and 10-20 edible. Learn more about a select number of the island’s rare and unusual plants from at least 20 countries.

1. Strawberry Tree – The Strawberry Tree, from France and Ireland, is edible but bland flavor. With the scientific name “unedo”, philosopher Pliny the Elder explained the name as derived from unum edo, meaning “I eat one” (a testament to the boring flavor).

2. Zululand Cycad – This unique plant flowers in the form of a huge red cone, reaching up to one foot wide and 2 feet tall. Because it usually flowers in winter, it is lovingly called Paradise Point’s “tropical Christmas tree”.

3. Imperial Bromeliad – Hailing from Rio de Janiero, the Imperial Bromeliad is named after the second Brazilian emperor. It is increasingly endangered in the wild due to the misconception that they encourage malaria and dengue fever. This exotic Paradise plant takes decades to flower into a red stalk that grows up to six feet tall.

4. Bird of Paradise – As Paradise Point’s “mascot”, there are over 1,000 Bird of Paradise plants across our 44 acres. Native to South Africa, the scientific name “strelitzia regina” and comes from King George III who received the flower as a gift in 1773.

5. Hibiscus - Out of the island’s 2,500 flowers, 800 are hibiscus plants! With many different colors and types, these plants can be eaten dried or as tea to lower blood pressure. They are also used in many skin and hair care products for great softening properties. Of course, in Hawaii, the Hibiscus is a symbol of marital status! Wear one behind your left ear if you’re taken or behind your right if you’re single!

Interested in how these Paradise plants are incorporated into daily spa treatments? Explore Island Origins or visit The Spa to learn more!

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Whether the occasion calls for a special, romantic dinner for two overlooking the glittering, moonlit Mission Bay or an island-inspired casual restaurant for the whole family, Paradise Point offers diverse dining options for San Diego locals and guests of our Mission Bay resort. Enjoy our signature beach restaurant Tidal, a laid-back dining experience at the waterfront Barefoot Bar & Grill, or quick eats at the poolside Tropics Cantina or Caveman Pizza Company.

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Nestled in the lush, tropical foliage that surrounds Paradise Point's island resort is a premier spa vacation destination where exotic rituals from islands around the world and local San Diego influences collide. The result is The Spa at Paradise Point - an intimate and inviting San Diego day spa sanctuary voted one of the top 100 U.S. resort spas by Condé Nast Traveler.

With the backdrop of a lush oasis, exotic treatment rooms, and cooling sea breezes, the professionally trained spa therapists will lull you into a sense of well-being and relaxation.

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