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The Destination

  • Sedona is most famed for its red sandstone rocks – the vibrant color a result of the high iron content
    • Most of the homes and buildings around Sedona are painted a neutral color so as not to detract from the surroundings. You’ll even notice many of the sidewalks in Sedona are red to blend in with the landscape
    • Even McDonald’s painted its famed yellow arches turquoise so as to match the surroundings!
  • The approximate elevation of Sedona is 4,400ft
    • The highest point in Sedona is Coffee Pot Rock (approximately 5,600ft), and the lowest point in Sedona is at Oak Creek on Back O’ Beyond Road (approximately 4,000ft)
  • The average temperature of Sedona is 60 degrees
    • Summers range between 75-90 degrees
    • Winters between 20-55 degrees
    • Yes, it snows!
  • Sedona is roughly 19 square miles, over half of which are owned by private land owners, while the rest belongs to Coconino National Forest
  • The year round population of Sedona is roughly 10,000 residents
  • Several great movies were filmed in Sedona, including Billy the Kid, the original 3:10 to Yuma and National Lampoon’s Vacation. For a complete list, click here.
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