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Craft Cocktails

Ms. Crenshaw

Was the doyenne of a storied street in the Fan district called West Ave. She was somewhat of an aristocrat and had a legendary wit. A sometimes elegant woman she could be quite acerbic. She was loved and respected. And also slightly feared. A complex Virginia lady.

Silver Queen

Considered my many Virginia people to be the noblest varietal of this staple crop it has a very balanced flavor. All corn is sweet but Silver Queen has a cleaner and well-balanced flavor. Slight herbaceous. The pinot noir of corn. As Burgundy is to the Pinot Noir grape, King & Queen County is to Silver Queen corn.

Letter to Helen

An homage to Edgar Allen Poe. He wrote some love letters to this babe named Helen. She was apparently lovely. But also somewhat normal so he had no chance with her. He was a strange man. But a very good writer.

River View

The old Virginia State Penitentiary used to be on the banks of the James River close to downtown. It was said that some inmates had a river view. But it was not the River View most people wanted. So like the drink there was a little bitterness to having a river view. Still, it was better to have a river view than not to have one.

Black Dog

Other people know this story better than I do. Some lab used to wander around all over town and they could never catch him. In an unrelated story Ambrose Bierce hated dogs and would shoot them on sight.