Signature Rituals

All Signature Rituals at our Texas luxury spa integrate our signature hand, scalp + foot massage as well as a full body massage. Signature Rituals are 2 hours.


Absolute Texas 

Texas never felt so good. Locally crafted ritual with beeswax, honey and a touch of Lavender to remind you that you are right here in Texas Hill Country. Be scrubbed, wrapped and massaged surrounded by the big Texas sky.

Uber Detox

A muscle-warming, mineral-enriching and purifying body treatment with the therapeutic elements of the Tuscan thermal waters to stimulate energy flow, relieve aches and pains associated with joint problems as well as muscular tension.

Vibrant Living

Intense hydration with organic coconut oil, passion flower, and shea butter. This intoxicating wrap includes an indulgent blend of essential oils that stimulates a deep sense of well-being while providing profound nourishment and improved circulation.

Silence Biorhythm 

An ionizing energy foot scrub and mud wrap charge to renew the body’s bio-magnetic field; a head massage relaxes; a Kundalini back massage balances tension and negativity. Together they aid in the removal of waste and toxins, energize the skin and balance the nervous system.